ButtKicker Gamer 2 Review: Amazing Audio Haptics in VR!


Sound is a big part of immersion in VR, and adding a bass shaker to seated VR rigs is something we’ve always wanted to test. We’re impressed by the performance of the ButtKicker Gamer 2 tactile transducer and amplifier kit, which works seamlessly with cockpit games from racing to mech piloting to space combat games, and adds a tremendous amount of fun to VR experiences. It’s a highly-recommended upgrade to your VR setup!

ButtKicker Gamer 2: https://thebuttkicker.com/buttkicker-gamer2/

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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31 thoughts on “ButtKicker Gamer 2 Review: Amazing Audio Haptics in VR!”

  1. Dude, great review!

    This was the first review I checked out on this product, you were very thorough and provided the right amount of detail to give anyone a fantastic understanding of how this works. The footage you took was also very nice, well constructed video with great narration. Thank you very much Adam 🙂

  2. I have been using old Aura Interactors in the seat and back of my homemade cockpit chair for over 20 years. Recently I went to using transducers I found online along with a standalone amp that is just as good if not better and cheaper than the buttkicker product.

  3. I've been using this with DCS (in VR) for the last 3 months and it really does add a new level of immersion that has to be experienced. So much so that I don't think i'd want to play DCS without it at this point. Cable management to the chair can be a pain in the ass but I wouldn't hesitate to buy a replacement if this were to ever go out on me. It really is a necessity for my gaming at this point (and I don't have a vagina).

  4. Ive been a share holder in this company for 10 years. Hasnt held its value well lol….which is a bit disappointing seeing as the technology is useful and the product sells. Maybe another 10 years ill make my money back lol _(:/)_/

  5. <<<<DON'T BUY>>>



    <<<<DON'T BUY>>>

    I never overdrive'd the output. Normal use! House wiring is modern. I use also use a power/surge protector for gaming setup.

    Bought my own separate shaker Amp, still going 7.5 years later.
    Good video, bad product/company.

  6. have you tried the subpac? is that a similar experience I feel the subpac would work better for vr as you can use it standing. I have a subpac but not messed with anything else similar. its a lot of fun in beatsaber and you can use it directly with a quest

  7. I have a Gamer 2 on my VR sim racing rig for iRacing. It's one of those things you didn't know you needed until you get one and then it kind of melts into the background but as soon you try racing without it the whole experience just feels wrong, a dimension is missing.

  8. I have owned a buttkicker gamer 2 for the past year or so and I really enjoy it as well. I think the ah-ha moment was when I hooked it up and started listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. there is so much frequency contrast and sound layering that goes on in that album and from the moment it starts with those heartbeat drum kicks, the transducer just adds so much to the overall experience due to the concert feel… it's like getting a seat right next to the pa stack at a concert.

    it's ALSO fantastic for vr and movies as when there's an earthquake moment or a shotgun blast next to you or a helicopter or something with a lot of low end sound it just adds so much to the immersion.

  9. Nice, built my own platform back when they sold single "speakers" you had to manually mount to something. Been using that Buttkicker model for a few years now. I use it for literally everything on my computer that has sound – Gaming, Movies, TV, Music. You really do notice when it's not on (or a fuse breaks!). It's the tactile feel you never knew you were missing and now cannot be without!

  10. Sweet!! Nice to see you guys test one of those out. I have had my Buttkicker for something like 6 years and its been great for gaming with headphones on. Get that low end feel without being a nuisance to others.

    Action movies are great with the Buttkicker, can feel every single explosion. Terminator 2 is probably my favorite. For games, Alien Isolation was amazing. You could actually feel the ship creak and groan as you played the game. And if you have it tuned just right, you can get just a little feedback from your own footfalls as you move around. It really adds another layer to the game.

  11. Was part of the Air Force simulator community and we had trouble with folks getting sick in our non-motion simulators where what they saw didn’t match what they saw and adding a seat shaker was the simple solution we added that drastically helped trick the mind and reduce sickness.


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