Hawkeye Little Pilot VR – FPV Headset Review & Teardown


A unique new entry into the FPV scene combines VR and FPV to offer a new kind of experience.

Hawkeye Little Pilot VR: http://bit.ly/2Y6QZeK
FXT Viper: http://bit.ly/2JEpqjC
Eachine EV800D: http://bit.ly/30z60TY
Test Quad: http://bit.ly/2YQf1I4

FPV builds, photos and part lists:

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33 thoughts on “Hawkeye Little Pilot VR – FPV Headset Review & Teardown”

  1. The sun shades are pretty useless, but you didnt want to try it out!!! Can you
    How can you want likes and subscribers, Ive seen other testing this out and says this sunshade helped.
    What a Joke!!!

  2. Coming from the quanum v2, would this the best upgrade? I use glasses inside the quanum most of the time.. But your comment about the mirrors getting dirty worries me, the top one looks annoying to clean?

    I might also just buy a new receiver for my quanums.. not sure what to do. Those looks way more comfortable at least, even though they don't include anything for the battery.
    Also, is the viper really better? Is the included (viper) shades a must? Otherwise it might be a plus for the hawkeye if it works great without having to block out your vision.. There are no reflections or anything during the day?

  3. hi, im new to fpv. i was wondering how do you power these goggles? im trying to make a list of things im gong to need to buy for fpv drones, before i start buying lol

  4. Hi, small help request

    I can record on DVR. It works fine. However I have a problem with playback from DVR (switching to VIDEO mode).

    I change DVR Input Jack into Output. I turn the the same plug according to what you say in the video – the input signal is on the right – but there is no video signal on the monitor. The monitor image is streaks all the time, it does not enter Video mode.

    Can you describe how to go to read from DVR?

    Should I press somrthing to go into Video mode?


  5. Thanks for the comment on what voltage battery to use. The instructions are for a different screen which only used an internal 3.7-4.2 battery. I was afraid to plug a 2S into it. Now I feel better.

  6. Hi, great analysis: clear and detailed. I wasn't able to find enough informations about the FXT Vipers V2: may I ask you if you recommend this visor (especially versus the eachine 800d) and which upgrades (es. new antennas?) do you think it needs? Keep up the good content and have a nice day!

  7. Thanks for the vid.
    I wonder if you could replace the Monitor with a better one of the same size that has DVR.
    The lighter weight is definitely a strong selling point.
    Does the monitor at least have diversity, or just 2 antennas?

  8. Can you tell if the hawkeye monitor fits in the viper goggles.
    My vipers stopped working. I see that most 5" montors run about $80 to $90.
    My thinking is, if the hawkeyes don't fit the vipers, i can still use the hawkeyes the way they are, and it won't cost me any money than buying a separate monitor

  9. I wonder if it's possible to just buy it without the screen? Providing you can get a screen of a similar size you could use that instead, given that this was originally designed for mobile phone use?
    Still, looks like a viable option to the FXT Vipers if you didn't want to spend that kind of money.


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