Glasses + Oculus Rift S & Oculus Quest? | & Review of VR prescription Lens Adapters


VR headsets need to go over your eyes… So do your glasses… So, how do we deal with this competition for your face space?
Review of “VR Optitian” Oculus Rift S Prescription Lens Adapter
(The Oculus Quest & Oculus Go use the same adapter BTW) – They also have VR prescription lenses for HTC Vive, prescription lenses for HTC Vive Pro, prescription lenses for Valve Index, prescription lenses for HP Reverb, & prescription lenses for Oculus Rift (original model). (Not sponsored and I have no affiliate association at all)

Oculus Rift S review;

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36 thoughts on “Glasses + Oculus Rift S & Oculus Quest? | & Review of VR prescription Lens Adapters”

  1. Blunty you videos are so usefull, a number of times I wanted to show someone how to remove or do something it's often one of yours! πŸ˜›

    Lenses that block blue light don't block the colour blue, it blocks the damaging light on the wavelength spectrum which the human eye really can't see. The slight orange you are seeing is the Ultra clear / Anti-reflective coating, without anti glare there would be a lot of Halos / god rays and reflective light sources that could cause epileptic fits or very bad motion sickness in VR. The built in lenses in all HMD have anti glare and if you polish or buffer them, it will damage the coating causing the above. :3
    A lot of Asian lens sellers will advertise MAR coating (Anti-glare) as Blue Light blocking, which is false.

  2. I have astigmatism, which is why I will probably hold off on prescription lenses.. The last time I went for new glasses they had to redo 1 glass, because I got dull and that eye began to hurt/feel pressured, after wearing it a while. Apparently I'm really sensitive to where the 'center' is, or how should you describe it. The optician said it was still well within the margin of error, but apparently I'm really sensitive to it.. So I'm afraid it would be 60-70 euro's down the drain for me..

  3. One huge advantage of these things that I can see: You won't scratch the crap out of your glasses anymore. After a marathon Trover session, I found that both my right glass lens and my oculus lens now have a fog of tiny scratches on them. So now I have to get new glasses and try to buff out the OR lens before I can use the headset again. I'll definitely be ordering a set of these.

  4. I would purchase these, except my wife and I swap back and forth and it would more of a pain in the ass to swap the prescription snap on lenses after every turn. If we ever decide to get a second oculus for multiplayer then I can see it being worth it at that time.

  5. Having the old oculus rift cv1… I will not be using vr with glasses… the lenses inside the rift scratched up so bad it’s unusable now so if I do end up replacing it soon an vr insertable lenses is an must

  6. Thank you Blunty, for bringing up this important point!
    You'd think the people making VR headsets would take this into consideration. A no-brainer, right? I think they have, but then thought, what an expense it would be to build a VR headset around the consumer who wears glasses. (so many different size frames) Forget it, they'll figure it out!
    Prescription Lens Adapters is a solution, yes, but yet another expense for the consumer.
    Thank you for the video my friend.

  7. I recently was prescribed glasses but I have not been able to test my VR headset with them yet. I remember before I needed glasses the image was clear as long as you had it sit correctly on your head.

  8. I got the same ones for the Rift earlier this year (not sure if they are exactly the same, but sure does look like it) and I'm the same as you. Not the astigmatism, but in that my glasses worked inside the Rift headset, but it was a bit of a pain. The prescription I got was spot on perfect. Arguably better than my glasses because the lenses didn't slip or move around. It's so nice to take my glasses OFF when diving into VR. A little pricey, but so worth it.

  9. Nice to see these things becoming more available. Shame about the one being not quite right, I wonder if eye strain might be an issue over time? Oh you missed an apostrophe from Oculus Rift's….. awaiting the auto comment delete for talking crap. (runy based crap joke)

  10. I've ordered them and can't wait to try them out. Although my glasses do fit in the Quest they become uncomfortable after a while. Also I noticed all the fiddling around is not good for my frame so yeah, high hope for these.

  11. I assume the reason the Rift S uses the PSVR mounting system is due to Lenovo licensing the patents from Sony? it's a real pity as I would rather a stand alone headset like the Quest but the mounting looks awful and uncomfortable.

  12. Enjoyed the video, and definitely will be looking into getting a pair of prescription lenses when i get into VR.

    Side note… sounded like your audio gate was a little aggressive this video. Was slightly distracting, although thats probably just me.

  13. You have the same issues as me. I sold my PSVR with scratched Lens, sΓ³ my huge problem isnt fiting googles,its scratching VR Lens. I wish VR developers make something to avoid It as i cannot use contact Lens. Im asking myself the extra cover that comes with Quest can make the "distance" to avoid Scratch even straps forcing your Head inside headset
    I have astigmatism as Well.
    I think i could do The same as you buying this lens, do they sell to Quest?

  14. at 9:22 you were putting Left lense in right side, then picked up Right lense and put it in right side? I think you ended up getting it right by mistake but thought i'd point it out just in case your eyes are different and have accidently put them in backwards which may be affecting that slightly worst quality you were mentioning compared to your glasses. Otherwise i'm thinking of getting these for my vive index i'm getting. I'm not 100% sure if i'll need them since depends on focal distance of the headset,, my vision is perfect up close but starts to blur about 2m out which i hear is about focal distance of these headsets. I'm probably going to be at the edge of maybe i need them, maybe i don't. Will find out in a few weeks :).


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