Insta360 Titan Unbiased Review – BEST Pro VR Camera of 2020?


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Its finally here and there’s only one question on everyone’s minds – is the Insta360 Titan the BEST professional 360 VR camera of 2019? – I want to give you my unbiased review of the Insta360 Titan, so you can decide if you should upgrade your current professional VR360 camera setup to the Titan or wait for the next cinematic VR camera. Strap into your seats for this one, because this review is a doozy. Are you making the move to the Titan? Let me know down below!

UPDATE – 6/28/2019: Real world test samples are available:

⏰Timestamps for your viewing convenience:
3:20 – Insta360 Titan SPECS
4:26 – Livestream & Record in 8K 3D
5:06 – 50fps slow motion in 8K 3D
5:50 – 10-bit color depth
6:31 – Camera control and usability
7:21 – Low Light
7:41 – Stitching and Parallax Issues
8:30 – 11K 360?
12:00 – FlowState v.s. Stitching
13:16 – Motion Impossible M Pro sneak peek
13:26 – Titan weight: 10lbs / 4.5KG
14:00 – No SSD – 9x SD Cards
14:35 – My conclusion and advice on purchasing Titan

Download All sample footage here:
[UPDATED]11K3D photo samples – unstitched/stitched JPG and DNG Raw:
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48 thoughts on “Insta360 Titan Unbiased Review – BEST Pro VR Camera of 2020?”

  1. When they say 11K in my understanding that number is derived by multiplying the resolution of each sensor on the capture system. So your argument that we dont see 11K is not a valid one in my opinion because with the Titan the 11K only signifies that each sensor shoots 1440p.

  2. Hello. Thanks for great videos. I have to find a great 360 camera for education 360 tours and VR videos. Should i spend the money on the titan? or settle with the pro2? You also told about the 8K Qoocam, but i heard alot of problems with it… i do how ever hear your videos, and need to find a great camera, that can make video and pictures in rooms 2,5 meters wide. we tryed some pictures from a GoPro Fusion and wounder how it would stitch with a massive camera like the pro2 or titan.

    thanks for your great videos

  3. I am considering buying either the Insta360 Titan or Pro2 to create professional recordings of theatre, dance and live music performances for 3D display on VR headsets. Are you able to comment on which, if any of theses two cameras would be best suited to this please? It sounds as though the 10bit colour capability of the Titan would be a huge advantage here, but would it really be worth spending 3 times the price of the Pro2?

    Also, reading the comments below I am concerned about the fan noise from both of these cameras. It sounds as though this could be a total showstopper for using either of these cameras to capture clear professional quality audio from from say the dialogue in a play. Even using the Zoom 3D audio recorder that Insta360 are recommending I should imagine that the audio would be completely unusable. What are your views on this please?

    Finally, would it even be possible to record say a two hour theatre performance in terms of battery life and memory card usage.

    Many thanks for your help,

  4. New to 360 video/photos, but need to figure this out for my organization, so sorry if this is a dumb question, but, is the Titan a good pro camera to do photos for virtual tours in medium to large spaces and 360 video in same?

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for these videos which I find difficult to understand because I am French and I do not understand English enough to understand everything.
    I am fond of 360 ° and I would like to invest in this camera to set up a new business but I have questions or you can answer me privately by email if you wish 🙂 to: .
    My questions are:
    – or find the remote-controlled 4×4 car that we see in your video?
    – Do you have a lot of demand for high-end video in your customers.
    – How much do you charge your customers with this camera, and is it by the day or by shooting?
    – Do you know any training to specialize with this camera and these software?
    From what I tell, I find no company that has invested in this camera and I think that being the first in France can be a good opportunity? What do you think ?
    Thank you in advance for your answers.

  6. Hey, @CreatorUp, I've downloaded your samples and they are 3840. If we are going to put them all in one line, it would still be 3840 vertically. So vertical resolution is a little bit lower than 3840. Let it be 3840. Horizontal is twice that – 7680. So it is still 8k. How did they manage to make it 11k? Is it upscaling?

  7. Another parameter is involved in the image quality of the Titan : the chrominance sampling, it is 4:2:2 according the specifications. Compared to the 4:2:0 of the Pro2 it makes the difference in color/sharpness point of view .

  8. Hugh, thank you for all your work! Your enthusiasm and joy for what you do is obvious and infectious!

    Can you tell me if the Titan accepts/generates timecode for external microphone and sound recorder use? The Titan website seems pretty quiet (no pun intended) about sound issues and I'm not getting any responses from the reddit subs.

  9. Great video, very interesting. If I understand, Titan is very suitable for low light filming.
    But please I would like to ask you some advices :

    If I have a smaller budget and I want to make professional 360 videos inside buildings like castle, museum, monument (so with limited light), do you think it is possible with Obsidian R/S, insta360 pro 2, or even a rig with several go pro?

    With such cameras do you think it is possible to have a good 4K rendering experience with VR device? Why 4K? Because to make video rendering available to a maximum of people : I take as hypothesis that people have a samsung gear VR and a Samsung smartphone, then they are limited to 4K rendering. (If you know a mean to look 8K video on such configuration I am very interesting. Please let me know).

    Is it true that filming in 8K and rendering in 4K is better for the quality of video ?

    So what is the best solution to have a good VR experience in 4K in low light (and without lost too much time in postprod) between : pro2, obsidian R, obsidian S or GoPro ring (how many GoPro?), or other suggestion ?

    Thanks in advance for your precious advices.

  10. I first wanted to thank you for you continues excellence. I purchased the insta 360 pro last year because of you and it was exacrly what i needed.

    Thankfully i have been landing a lot of jobs and would love some input if you have the time.
    Many jobs are straight forward. But my main issue comes when i meed to livestream a 10 hour event. Ive done ot 3 times now but still not as efficient as i want it. So:

    1 whats the best way to deal with power. Is there a way to exchange batteries without interrupting the camera?

    2- livestream in high quality. So currently i use farsight to my laptop then stream from obs. But the best i could get so the image does not lag or get any artifacts is setting the settings on insta app to 1440p at 3 mbits. Then output the stream through obs at 1080p. How can i maximize quality so it looks crisp.

    Any ideas software tips on livestreaming would be helpful.
    internet speed
    In livestreaming is my main issue

  11. Hi Hugh, thanks for the honest review. i was wondering have you tested titan 8k 3D/ 11k with skyworth v901? Also how do you monitor the titan during filming? Is the live recording + preview smooth?

  12. Thanks for your video that camera looks like a total beast, overkill for my needs. What would you recommend for real-time VR streaming ie attending events, even 1-way video, 2-way audio for people in hospitals offices etc wanting VR communication?

  13. Good show, Hugh! Also a good move to tone down the post-production gimmicks used some of your earlier videos. You don't need them, and it greatly improves your content clarity and credibility!


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