Nintendo Labo VR Kit | Unboxing and first review


Unboxing and early review of Nintendo’s Labo VR Kit, the games giant’s first virtual reality experience for the Switch console. We show you what’s in the box, make the VR Goggles and test out the games on offer, including our favourite – the Blaster – and more surreal projects like the bird and elephant. We also cover upcoming support for these toys, including Mario and Zelda action.

The full Labo VR Kit costs £70 in the UK and serves up all of the accessories and games, including the VR Plaza mini titles. Nintendo’s set is a great introduction to virtual reality titles for kids, and these admittedly simple launch games will be fun for families to play together – especially the multiplayer efforts.

We’ve gone hands on with all of the Labo accessories (and built quite a few of them now) and our early review is a thumbs up. Adults will tire of most of these titles quickly, while the quality of the visuals can’t match the likes of PSVR and Vive – understandably. However, building Nintendo’s gadgets is a fun activity in itself, while the expansion possibilities are endless.

We’ve already seen the official launch of the Mario and Zelda expansions, and more support for existing Nintendo titles are undoubtedly on the horizon. So which games would you like to see get the Labo VR makeover?


24 thoughts on “Nintendo Labo VR Kit | Unboxing and first review”

  1. I have the psvr, and of course it’s going to be no way near as good. We all know that. I’m sceptical about labo VR, but my curiosity is getting the better of me. I have to get it 😝 il go with the starter kit with the blaster to start off. And over here on Nintendo uk. It’s under 40 quid, can’t complain.

  2. Almost bought this today but meh the more I thought about it, no headstrap etc put me off. I can see what they are doing plus it is aimed at the younger gamer. Hopefully one day there will be an actual full on Nintendo VR


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