Final Assault | Review | A WWII era RTS for VR


In this video we will be taking an early access look into Final Assault, A WW2 Era RTS designed from the ground up for VR. Final assault is a game developed by Phase Lock Interactive and they have made an amazingly fun RTS game here. It has an amazing art style that fits the game perfectly and an intuitive control scheme that makes the game fun to play and allows for strategic moves. There is a great amount of variety in troops everything from jeeps, tanks, planes, artillery and more. Its easy to differentiate each unit at a glance and provides and immersion that made me feel like a child playing with toy soldiers. If your into RTS games or used to love playing with toy solders check it out. Final Assault comes out on steam early access and is aimed for full release in April.

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26 thoughts on “Final Assault | Review | A WWII era RTS for VR”

  1. Whoever is looking at this video and hasn't seen the game in VR must know this looks sooo much MORE amazing in VR.IT puts you right there as if you were A person playing with a world of toy army and that world is alive.Its just amazing and fun.Tjeres just NO WAY to show it in a video.You GOT to be in VR.

  2. They should add these things:costumes you can equip , skins and textures for units and structures example winter cloths for soldiers, pilots jump out of planes sometimes , and possibly heros

  3. Thanks a bunch for the video! You did a very informative and great job!!! Looks like a buy for me today…
    Have they changed it since you played the beta compared to the early access launch?


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