Standalone Daydream VR Headset Review


The Mirage Solo is the first standalone Daydream VR headset. You are able to go anywhere without be tied down by cables or a phone that is low on battery. In this video we overview the benefits of the Mirage Solo and walk through a few of my favorite features and applications.

Lenovo Mirage Solo:

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28 thoughts on “Standalone Daydream VR Headset Review”

  1. I’ve had the Mirage Solo for almost a year now, and I’m honestly somewhat disappointed with it. Over time, the OS and apps haven’t really improved. The photos app is still barebones. They’re is no album support. I take 360 photos regularly, have been for three years now, and the albums I’ve sorted on the google photos website don’t appear in the app. I thought this would be a killer feature over what the Oculus Go would offer.

    The street view is a little disappointing if you’ve ever experienced the Google Earth VR app on Vive or Oculus Rift.

    YouTube VR was the killer exclusive feature of this headset, but it is now available on Gear VR, Oculus Go, and most likely Oculus Quest when it launches.

    I feel like this product was rushed when in launched. The UI is half baked. It still feels like something that hasn’t expanded beyond a simple VR interface for a few apps on your phone. Outside of the 6DOF World Sense feature (headset only) the experience is about the same with Daydream View.

    Save you’re money and wait for Gen 2 or the Oculus Quest.

  2. You should have ask when Mirage Solo update will come. We need 6DOF now not tomorrow. We want Mirage Solo+. BTW the foam really sucks, itś falling of. I have one Mirage Solo. Goolge have abended Mirage Solo for a long time now. nothing happened with that HMD to bad. I really like it, but we need 6 DOF.

  3. Hi Brett 👋

    Thanks for this Fun video 😊.
    Personally, I Think I'm a bit
    "Long in the tooth" for some things !….This I'm afraid would be, one of them, lol 😏.

    However, all's Not lost. Will definitely be sending to my Grandson 👍.

    Thanks again Brett, and enjoy Your Saturday 🌅.
    JaneLee 🕊️
    6:05 AM

    Done & Done 😁.
    6:11 AM

  4. Have never tried VR , but i`m wondering what it would be like to watch a movie with it , Putting you on the spot now mate 🙂 , so the question Brett , if you where feeling lazy and wanted to lay down and just chill and watch a movie , would you reach for the VR headset or just prefer to screw your neck around watch it on telly 🙂 .
    Good review by the way 😉 .


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