Dream Match Tennis VR PSVR Review: Tennis with Nav Controller Support!! | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage


29 thoughts on “Dream Match Tennis VR PSVR Review: Tennis with Nav Controller Support!! | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage”

  1. all ps vr game should have had nav sapport to use with the move controller so customers can better mobility .I anint see why sonny didnt put a joysticks on one of da move controller In da frist place.all game should have nav controller patches

  2. Great review … and I agree with almost off of your conclusions. Only one I don't agree with is … "it's a wait for a patch … save your money till it's patched".

    For me this is a clear buy now! I agree a patch would be great and multiplayer would push over the top. The controls do go out of whack a bit after some time. But it is fixable.

    I have played many 2, 3 and 4 hour sessions … and sweated my butt off … and I continue to look forward to the next session with this game. It's the PSvr game I now play the most (and I have a lot of psvr games).

    Here's a comment I posted on another forum for anyone who cares …

    So I've been playing tennis forever … I'm a 4.5 rated player. If I can't make it to the courts … this game is the next best thing. The physics are actually really really solid!!!

    Some have asked … how "experienced" players would set up controllers. Well first I would say … turning the assists down gradually one at a time and getting used to those is key. Doing smooth moving makes the game ten times harder.

    Until you get used to that … the assist move teleport setting works really nicely and allows you to focus on the swing (which there is a ton of powerful variation on just the swing). In fact I almost have more fun just focusing on that.

    One hint … turning your body as you would with a real swing makes a huge difference (meaning turning your feet … not just your waist). Swinging with a bit of racket lag and a full swing really makes a huge difference as well. Drop shots and slices really need to be hit properly like you would in real life to get the most out of those as well. And getting under the ball and swinging thru and over top as you would in real life is necessary. And low balls that come to you … it really helps to bend your legs and get below them … not just reach lower with your arms.

    If you just stand facing camera and "push" the ball and only move your arms … you'll get a lot of mis-hits. It's doable but it is so much more fun doing it like you would in real life. At least that's just my thoughts after weeks of playing.

    I have played several 3 to 4 hour sessions … it really is just that much fun!!!

    The physics are just awesome.

    As others have said … if they could add a multiplayer mode … some night and day options … some wind dynamics where you see a wind flag like in some golf games … some adjustments to the racket like string tension and string options like poly/natural … I would easily pay $50 for this game.

    it is the best tennis game I have played to date … amazing what a small company has accomplished.

  3. Great review. Odd, I’ve had no tracking issues for the most part since I first started playing this. I get the pop up notifications about the controller but no issues with actual gameplay. I use the Nav controller and place the DS4 within sight of the camera and get some pop ups but not many and the tracking has been great.

  4. I agree with you 100% on your review. I bought the game, and I actually found a nav controller at GameStop for $1.50. Special note to anyone looking for one and find one, don't forget to make sure you ask for a charging cable with it. It uses the old PS3 Style fat boy end type of charger. Anyway, I really enjoy the game and it truly does feel just like tennis. I'm hoping for a patch very soon, maybe a few patches. I'll take an initial patch to fix the tracking issue with the controllers, and then perhaps a bulky patch later that fixes and adds a lot of desired gameplay mechanics. I would like to see online multiplayer play as well, maybe a few added graphical enhancements, options to upgrade my racket, clothing, Etc. And now that I've played using the nav controller with the move controller, I'm hoping that games like Skyrim take note and Patch games to use it. Why not. It's fantastic. Thanks for your review

  5. Great review, as always. Where are you from? You sound American, but based on the “GameStop for all you Americans” comment, it would appear you aren’t? Curious where you’re from.

  6. You know that when the game says your wireless controller is out of range it's referring to the DS4, right? When you play using the nav controller, you still have to place your DS4 so that its light is visible by the camera, which is annoying as heck but at least will stop the game from complaining. I've had no major issue with tracking after I figured that out.

  7. I am also having tracking issues with this game.. It's deffo an issue with DMTVR as my other games have solid tracking.I am also using the nav controller to move around… This feels great and if anything brings home the point that Sony really need to release move controllers with analog sticks

  8. Definitely gonna get this. I really hope they can add multiplayer but I'm starting to wonder if it's even possible from a tech point of view, like maybe the actions too quick or somethin.. Ping pong VR was really fun but again no online. So this sounds like it's pretty bare bones but that tennis action at least sounds fun and realistic.

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