VRidge Review | Cheap VR solution


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28 thoughts on “VRidge Review | Cheap VR solution”

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    also is it worth it? i can maybe push to afford the oclus rift but i
    cant use it in bed or anywhere but depends if i can use the VR GO with
    pc games is it as good/

    what happens if the game uses 2 controllers XD? can you play the ARIZONA
    ZOMBIE GAME on the go using this method? beacuse you walk and shoot

  3. Good Vid! Thanks for all your hard work to help out fellow gamers!

    Rift and Vive is pretty much just a consumer introduction to VR… I'll wait until they further improve. With improvements to batteries here real soon and as technology advances with Televisions screens and even telephones… that will all bleed over to better VR. They even have televisions that roll up into a box when you shut down your TV. There are so many applications that can utilize that.
    Give it 3 to 5 years and technology for VR will be where it needs to be.
    I dont mind paying $700 for VR as long as it doesnt feel like a prototype, like it feels now.

  4. I tried this recently with my S8+ and gear VR and found it to be quite unusable. The screen door effect and is way too noticeable, you can literally count the pixels and trying to read text is practically impossible.

  5. IMMERSION on a Galaxy phone…. Thargoids will call you in the middle of a combat instance just to mess your Anaconda up.

    I am not too much of a VR guy, but I always have said the following: If you want quality and get something in the proper way, go all the way or don't go at all. I am waiting on more content to come out for VR and then I may invest into the technology, up until then… I am ok for now.

    EDIT: for those asking "How do I fit this onto my face… ?" Ever heard about Duct Tape? LOL

  6. As Elite is just really much more (imagine now Yamiks saying that:) IMMERSIVE in VR this is a really nice and cheap solution so see your Ships im VR.
    The Setup seems quick and easy and for a first look and feel even the free version is enough. This is also a good way to test if you are affected by motion sicknes.
    Always remember some of your ships are f**king big. Steering the Anaconda out of a Station is like you are in a completely new Ship and here you sreally see that your ship is over 150m long. Oh, and the cockpit of a Type 10 is damn huge.
    Personally i have a Rift and each time i play Elite with it is is awesome. But as it is not alsways very comfortable (specially in the summer) to wear the headset i normally play with the Tobii Eyetracker. You can keep things in focus on the center of your screen what i really prefer when docking it's much nicer to maneuver around the station and of course in a fight.
    Oh, and BTW those Wings of the Krait left and right of the cockpit really block the view. They aren't krait. In the normal front locked play-mode this is not really noticeable i think.
    Have fun and try VR.

  7. I think I am bolloxed as far as any VR goes, being both short sighted and having age related Presbyopia, needing varifocal glasses to deal with it. Pain in the arse to be honest.

  8. VR is not for everyone considering the crispness of the image as it is right now. It's more like a tradeoff between game immersion and image quality especially in ED. Stuttering is a serious issue based on my expirience. I still can't drive SRV for more than 20 minutes if you are saying cardboard is worse than Rift not sure if it actually worth the investment. And yes HTC Vive is not better than Oculus again from my expirience i tried them both before i bought Oculus for image quality reasons not due to the price difference. Just try it before you buy it.

  9. Your phone is probably refreshing at 30Hz (or using energy economy "on"), and if it is LED/LCD technology there is a inexorable blur effect associated to the lighting persistance. OLED have better response time.
    I have got a headset like this, my phone is 1080p, so the half definition (540) for each eye. With a 4K OLED phone running at 90Hz or more that must be awesome (2K per eye). But a phone like that probably cost more than an occulus XD
    If you have already a good PC and a pretty high end smartphone it is a must have, I think. You can find good headset for 30€ + this software at 15€, good deal ! By the way it is a cheap introduction to the VR world.

    PS : don't pay attention to my grammar, I do my best.

  10. One thing to keep in mind if using this to "test out" VR, this method ONLY offers 3 degrees of tracking and DOESN'T do positional tracking, which makes a big difference in your VR experience.

    I used to use my PSVR in a similar way before I could afford a Rift. Using the PSVR only offered rotational tracking and not positional tracking since there was no way to hook up the playstation camera (the tracking sensor) to my computer. It worked and worked well, but the addition of positional tracking (once I could afford my Rift) made all the difference in the believability of the experience, and actually made me feel like I was in the cockpit, especially when I got up and walked around!

    TL;DR – I WOULD NOT base my experience of VR based on this solution, however, this can give you a very basic understanding of VR "IF" you know it's shortcomings.


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