VR Amazing Files: Horror Hospital REVIEW


See description for series of quite funny updates. Reverse chronological.

Update 2 : they admitted they faked the review to me in private chat. They said they believed someone else from a rival company had downvoted their game and pointed me to an account that looked considerably less dodgy than their one so it’s really a coin-flip.

Update 1: Update from Devs.
Orz We want to kneel on the ground to apologize to everyone for our extremely high price.
The development team made a very serious error to set a very high price.
After being criticized by the community players, we reflected on our mistake seriously.
We decide to re-prize the product and the new price has been submitted to Valve for review. We are sure that the new price will make everyone satisfied.

For players who have already purchased the game, they can contact our customer service email (xdxttt@joygo.Studio) for the refund for price difference after the new price is released.

Besides, the cooperation model of the game is now under development.

The game will not charge extra money after the new model is added to it!!!

The last to apologize to ever guys again.


*** They changed the price to £5.99, and apparently fixed the texture issues. I am not going to edit my review because people should be able to see the history of this game. Also, they almost certainly falsified reviews or at least asked friends to positively review it, and likely downvote my review. So as far as I’m concerned their change of tone was pretty much obligatory and people can feel free to judge them however they want, given the facts. ***

———————- Credits —————————-
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