Samsung Gear VR Video Review


For just $100, the new headset from Samsung and Oculus feels like the first VR system ready to come home. WSJ’s Geoffrey A. Fowler explains how it addresses issues—like nausea—that have kept VR from going mainstream.

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34 thoughts on “Samsung Gear VR Video Review”

  1. and so someday we will be watching live manny pacqiuao and mayweather running rematch thru our VR … but we'll still hope that my company will win a pattent to settinh up virtual reality cams to make it happen… thats my idea

  2. Difficult & fiddly to set up, heavy and uncomfortable used for a long time like movies. Bad design, sits too close to your face. Seems like they rushed through the R&D to get on the streets

  3. 1. Gear VR has it own motion sensor – doing much better job to track the head movement. It pushes the Samsung phone processors to decrease the motion sensor delay into less than 20 milliseconds
    2. Interface – Easy access

  4. I have one coming to my house in a couple of days, what are the prices like on the occulus store? Are they comparable to play store apps and games? Does it use google wallet for payment, like the play store? Thanks for any help.

  5. I really hope VR is successful, the idea of fully immersive digital worlds sounds amazing. But I honestly believe that VR's biggest hurdle is the fact that it looks so ridiculously geeky when wearing it. I can't see how the general public will adopt it.

  6. This is stupid make your own head set and attatch ur phone to it and play any gyroscope game on the AppStore…

    Real virtual reality is going to be Oculas and Microsoft cortana this is just cheap bullshit lmao


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