Hitman 3 Review – Hitman 3 PS5 PSVR Gameplay


Good morning, would-be Assassins. #Hitman3 is the eighth main installment in the Hitman series and the third and final installment of the so-called World of Assassination trilogy, following Hitman in 2016 and Hitman 2 in 2018. And what a world tour it’s been! So how does this latest – but not last – Hitman game measure up? With help from Eurogamer site reviewer Edwin Evans-Thirlwell and of course our own Agent 32 Ian Higton, here’s our review of Hitman 3. #Hitman #Eurogamer

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29 thoughts on “Hitman 3 Review – Hitman 3 PS5 PSVR Gameplay”

  1. do NOT spend your hard earned money on this game to have a mandatory blue nanny grid pop up in your face every time you budge. Its a nightmare and typical of Sony's attitude toward paying, adult customers. No, not even the sweetest camera angle will make it go away. Devs and Sony need to get a clue about vr in 2021

  2. Best game franchise ever. Since Silent Assassin, Hitman game's are the bar of which I rate all other games over the last 20 yrs. 20 yrs of brilliance from IO and I can't wait to see what's ahead!


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