Top 10 Best VR Games EVER!


Here are the Top 10 best VR games – ever! This includes Oculus Quest & Oculus Quest 2, PC VR & PSVR!

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22 thoughts on “Top 10 Best VR Games EVER!”

  1. Ghost Giant? Really?

    While I don't personally care for every other game on the list, I can understand their placement. But I'm sorry Ghost Giant does not belong on this list.

    No Resident Evil VII or Moss either? Those are the obvious omissions to me but I can name over a dozen games that are better than Ghost Giant not on the list. I feel like it's been given a higher ranking due to the "deep" subject matter but it's not that deep and the gameplay is just decent and done better in several other similar games.

  2. I mean I got Asguards Wrath for free cause of the promotion for the quest 2. I didnt even finish it. And with every other game you guys left off (boneworks/beat saber) im surprised its so high

  3. Games I loved that aren't on the list:
    Job Simulator
    Vacation Simulator
    Beat Saber
    Down The Rabbit Hole
    Curious Tale of Stolen Pets
    Fisherman's Tale
    Vanishing Realms
    Angry birds VR
    Cook-out VR
    Drunk Bar fight

  4. I will be honest i love upload VR but this is the worst video ever where is beat saber ? boneworks ? come on the wipeout is on the list but not boneworks and beat saber and job simulator COME ON !


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