Can VR Fitness Replace a Gym | Oculus Move Review and My Favorite Workout Games


With the new year and Oculus releasing the new Move app, can you really use VR to workout and achieve those new year goals? In this video we take a look at how using an Oculus Quest 2, or any Virtual Reality HMD can help you achieve your fitness goals. First we look at the new Oculus Move app, then I show you my 4 favorite VR fitness app and games that you can use on the Oculus Quest or any VR platform.

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0:00 – Intro
0:52 – Oculus Move Review
5:00 – Can VR fitness help with cardio or muscle building?
6:27 – My favorite VR fitness games
10:31 – Conclusion

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38 thoughts on “Can VR Fitness Replace a Gym | Oculus Move Review and My Favorite Workout Games”

  1. I am a bodybuilder and I am going to put my was it like this. No the reason being because if a vr console cost $500 or $400 for a vr console ( a video game) It would make more sense to buy a few dumbbells some resistance bands a pull up bar etc with that price. And plus there are tons of free workout programs online. I am not trying to attack or offend anyone here. But I do not think vr will replace fitness. People workout to get away from video games and focus on themselves possibly if vr where cheaper people would give it a try. But with the price of vr now. I don't think it ever will

  2. It could replace GPP, Stretching based and Aerobic exercises for sure.
    True HIIT workouts would be debatable (Can't imagine they have any good games for a wingate or a sledge).
    Strength, power and mass – Nah mate.

  3. My go to exercise app is definitely Pistol Whip. Really fun to play and after playing some of the songs on hard, your legs will be sore the next day lol.

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