New Samsung VR controllers!


Remember those patent renders of Samsung’s upcoming bug-eyed VR headset from last year? Well, we’ve got some equally weird controller renders too!

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27 thoughts on “New Samsung VR controllers!”

  1. I would expect samsung more likely to launch a wireless HMD with 5g and wifi6 connectivity.

    I'm not expecting much in the way of tethered HMD devices as no one seems to be utilising high resolution displays except one or two low volume vendors. I may be interested in the reverb g2 omnicept if the price is good though.

    For high resolution tethered devices, their needs to be a gpu capable of the bandwidth and considering the rtx 30xx series only upgraded the hdmi port to 2.1 and left the dp ports at 1.4a instead of dp2.0, there's no physical way of addressing higher resolution displays with direct cable connections.

  2. I was the first to buy the Samsung Vr when it 1st came out for the S7. I LOVED THE S7 and the headset did exactly what was promised..
    By the time I cracked my screen it was time for a new phone,
    Well to my disappointment, the s9 didn't work with rhe Vr headset!! I guess Samsung wanted me to buy a new version!!..

    All the games everyone is gushing about with Facebook's new Vr were there 3 years ago.. ( all but the new Starwars game)
    I think Valve and Steam were close! I think if they took all their old classics like Half Life or all the Halo games and modified them for Vr? I'm talking hours and hours of totally immersive campaigns.. played on a swivel chair.. then you'd have something..

    I watched a few real cool VR mini films.. one about being inside an asteroid..

    Vr films.. once everyone has a head set of some sort… that's my vision…

    Is all this WATCHING OUR DEVICES .. destroying our eyesight?

  3. the hardware we have right now is okay and its great they making progress with the technology but where the fuck is the decentralized meta verse with virtual economy where people could be paid for service and interact between each other with no governmental regulations???

  4. I have been using my Samsung O+ headset in room scale since a month before Half Life Alyx came out and I love it. I will buy whatever new had set Samsung release.

    I also have been using it in development in unreal.

  5. Over the wrist rings sounds pretty good. The larger size and placement further from the trigger means that all the movement will be amplified, so aiming accuracy will go up.
    I think a better design for the future of vr would be sort of like an index controller that lets you flip the handles up and out of the way of your hands, and has finger tracking cameras inside that handle when you do that. That way you can on the fly change your hand presence in the game for one or both hands.

  6. I like this design. Looks like they may have figured out how to have an Inside Out tracking ring without it getting in the way. Big issue with Touch, Vive, WMR and G2 controllers is that the tracking ring gets in the way when doing hand to hand interactions like trying to chamber a pistol round. I also prefer the trackpad + thumbstick over the Touch XY+AB paradigm. Devs can slice a trackpad any way they want to create any button layout they need (Vive's trackpads even had a full simulated QWERTY keyboard) which makes the minimalist button situation on VR controllers less restricting. But trackpads are awful for locomotion, which the thumbstick does better.

  7. Perhaps Samsung saw the traction oculus was getting with the quest and went back to the drawing board to turn their headset into a standalone that can also do pc like the quest/ quest 2?


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