Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge VR Is NOT What I Expected


I play Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge on the Oculus Quest 2. Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is the latest VR game from the team at Oculus and ILMxLab but does it live up to the Star Wars hype!?

00:00 – Intro
01:08 – Cargo Ship
11:23 – Cantina
14:47 – Batuu Wildlands
22:39 – Review

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47 thoughts on “Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge VR Is NOT What I Expected”

  1. "from rogue one" I believe.. ahuh.. 🤦‍♂️😆 And yea but its 3 hours of fun and I guess its a game mace for good star wars fans. its a great game. 👌 Sad you didn't enjoy it.

  2. A vr star wars game is so cool but what they need to do is make a multiplayer star wars game where you can fight with lightsabers and shit. It would be so cool to be able to have a duel with someone in vr

  3. I love the pure enjoyment you get while expieriencing this bruh seems like everyone who makes vr videod just like mehh when it's comes to the fact they are actually in vr and acting like it's so normal and in entertaining and immersive. I have never tried it but I know when I do I will be reacting to it alot like you💯

  4. The Vader series … now that is short. For $30 you get three one hour episodes. Galaxy’s Edge gets you a bit more for less. The graphics are better. Plus this game support true room scale, not the stationary battles you are forced into. You walk through this world. In this game I have to duck behind a half wall or peek around the corner. Yes this game does feel like a platform for more content and yes it is at a premium. This game needs more content. But for what is there … it is the most AAA looking title that runs natively on the Quest O/S. Also comparing this to Squadrons, which is a PCVR game, is an apples to oranges. Thank you for your great channel!

  5. I agree with you dude, the game ended so abruptly and felt very anti climactic, it ended in the middle of an actual story, truthfully the creators of this game just make full on games that feel more like training mode. Would love to see a real structured game that is more challenging and has more of a storyline.
    Also the loading screen that shows the race pod made me think that at some point we would get to ride one or race one which would have been amazing.

  6. The game takes longer if you play it on hard mode. I have been working on the story and while I do absolutely SUCK at games like this, playing on hard mode has increased the play time and made me enjoy it more because it was an actual challenge as well. Hard mode definitely makes the battles feel more intense because you take one or two shots and you’re dead.

  7. Love your content. I got an Oculus 2 for christmas from my wife and kids, and I LOVE IT! I just finished 100%-ing Tales from the galaxy's edge, and I have to say it was awesome. I am only now playing Vader immortal, so I can't compare them (yet). I have been to Galaxy's edge and at the very least, I can say that being able to "re-visit" Batuu, and just to be able to "be" back in the Star wars universe made this one of my favorite games to date! I obviously know there's some bias in my comment, but it doesn't make it any less true. Thank you for letting me share this with you, and may the Force be with you, always.

  8. I love how the devs are building up the Star Wars universe in VR. Lightsabers, force and now a bunch of weapons. All they need now is maybe vechiles and more worlds (like Tatooine and Corrusant) and they can make the greatest VR game and Star Wars game ever made

  9. Did you play it on easy mode? Because if you did that would be why it’s short because I played on hard mode and at some points normal mode and I died quite a lot which made it more fun because of the challenge and also made the game go for longer it took me about ten hours to complete whereas it took you about three

  10. I played it on hard difficulty and died a lot and it took me about ten hours of gameplay instead of three hours and I personally liked it ten times better than Vader immortal and squadrons neither of those come at all close to tales from galaxies edge for me, I really really liked tales from galaxies edge. Easily my favourite vr game ever except for onward.


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