Which VR headset should you buy NOW


Which VR headset should you spend your hard earned cash on NOW

Oculus Rift-S
▷ Amazon US – https://amzn.to/35XYma4
▷ Amazon UK – https://amzn.to/2HXLCrY
▷ Amazon Canada – https://amzn.to/387fihj

Oculus Quest 2
▷ Amazon US – https://amzn.to/3oM7Kq2
▷ Amazon UK – https://amzn.to/31YjuMn
▷ Amazon Canada – https://amzn.to/2JvaSGN

Valve Index
▷ https://store.steampowered.com/valveindex/

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48 thoughts on “Which VR headset should you buy NOW”

  1. The quest 2 has now got massively improved over link. But it takes a much more powerful PC to really take advantage of its higher resolution which means the Rift S is still a really great choice for those with less than super high end PCs.

  2. I was thinking about when I grow up I could buy myself a VR headset to record YouTube videos on it. Any suggestions for VR headset that are good and worth the price with stable reviews?

  3. So you should buy an Index headset because of the knuckles controllers? That doesn't make any sense. You started and finished by saying you were talking about headsets. Given that you can mix and match some of the Steam VR gear, I bought the knuckles controllers to go with my Vive and Wireless adapter. Why should I buy an Index over a Cosmos Elite as my next upgrade?

  4. So… my computer is hooked up to a full on Atmos surround sound system. When I'm playing VR, can any of these be played units output sound to my system for 3d audio, or am I limited to a headphone or headset sound for that experience

  5. as someone who is also into VR, biggest thing this dude is not mentioning is durability, one thing the Valve Index fails on hugely in comparison to competition, and don't be fooled by anyone saying well my index is fine, its legit has engineering faults from the cable, to the controllers and the trackers all plague with issues failure ect, as someone whos replaced controllers and VR trackers, and many of VR chat community also been mentioning these problems with the index, if you want a good experience in VR at the moment its best to go with HP G2 as of now, and throw it away once better headsets hit the market and fixed alot these issues. we still not there yet for perfect headset at affordable price.

  6. I heard that the quest 2 issues with tethering to pc has been improved dramatically since the new update. And using the oculus link cable is also better then all the rest out… due to the optical technology.

  7. Quest 2 is sketch. developed by facebook, you need a facebook account, and if that account doesn't have your legal name and birth date, they went on record saying all of your games can be removed.

  8. This video is nice, indeed, don't get me wrong. I don't think the host addresses that there are users who want experiences; porn, travel, news, virtual movie theaters and there are users who want games and I think they need different apps and different controllers. I'm in it for experiences. I already have the Go. I just got the Quest 2 and it is for children. So, it is disappointing on so many levels. I find trying to zoom around experiences and menus with the game controllers on the Quest 2 to be awkward. And the users who want experiences seem to be ignored by the market, right now. That experiences are merely a side note. Games are where its at. Because games are more profitable. I think Youtube hosts need to create two videos. Best headsets for experiences and Best headsets for Games. One video is not good enough.

  9. I want to get my kids a VR set. I'm hearing alot of bad reviews about Oculus since you have to have a Facebook account, and could have your account banned for whatever reason. I don't want to waste money so is there any suggestions??? Thanks ☺️

  10. i'll wait until 2021 to see if something new comes out.

    because i dont want..
    any HTC headset because you need cameras in your room.
    Oculus rift or rift S because they have bad resolution and they are kinda outdated
    Oculus quest because its heavy and have a limited selection of games, and you need a Cable that costs over 100$ to play steam games.
    oculus quest 2 because its uncomfortable unless you buy the elite headstrap BUT i have seen that it Breaks VERY easily, and just like oculus quest it has limited games.
    any pimax headset because you need cameras in your room, and they are pretty expensive and unoptimized.
    Valve index because AGAIN you need extra cameras to track you, and it is expensive!

    the only headset i kinda want to buy is the ''HP REVERB G2''
    and the upcoming DecaGear 1 VR headset.
    thats why i am waiting because there is no good headsets around.
    i am aiming for..

    atleast! 120Hz Refresh Rate but i really want 200Hz for Next Gen
    Atleast!! 150 degrees FOV but i want 180 degrees for Next Gen
    TRUE 4K Resolution at the LOWEST!!! but i hope for 8K
    inside out tracking (cameras on the headset)
    Amazing colour , brightness and contrast
    Light and Small
    Good price with no compromises.
    eye tracking and face tracking
    and most of all better controllers
    Either Next Gen Index Controllers
    or Haptic Gloves.

  11. I really want to get the oculus quest 2, but I don't like the 0 input from the graphics card so I am going to Rift S. I can get one of these for around £250 so it really is a great price for what im getting.

  12. I have several VR headsets and agree the Rift S is a solid headset at a very good price. For PC VR it would be my choice over my Quest or Quest 2.

    My Index is my #1 and the one everyone want to play on the most. If you want precision for your fast paced shooters or Best Saber this is it.

    My Vive and Odyssey+ got the job done but aren't on the level of the headsets mentioned above in visual clarity. There Odyssey+tracking had improved over time, but of course not at the level of Oculus or Lighthouse tracking.

    Just pre-ordered the Reverb G2. I love great visuals and this will be amazing for Sim racing/flying.

    Next year I intend to get a Cosmos Elite to use my wireless adapter with and some Index controllers. The wireless adapter is great, but using it in the older Vive with it's lower resolution isn't something I really want to do.

  13. I am waiting to get hold of a RTX 3070 and have my eye on the Reverb G2. But it's availability after pre-order and am not even sure the 3070 will cut it for that resolution !


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