Best VR Games To Play In 2020


Looking for the best VR games to play in 2020? Well, in this video we’ll be rounding up the top 10 VR games to play on PC, whether you want to be scared stiff or encouraged to start that exercise routine you’ve been putting off forever. Whatever kind of experience you’re after, this list of the best VR games to play on PC will have something for you.

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Here are the games:
Intro 00:00
1 Beat Saber 01:12
2 Half-Life: Alyx 02:17
3 Boneworks 03:28
4 Tetris Effect 04:31
5 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 05:40
6 AUDICA: Rhythm Shooter 06:53
7 The Room VR: A Dark Matter 07:56
8 Pistol Whip 09:10
9 Superhot VR 10:17
10 Arizona Sunshine Deluxe Edition 11:23
Outro 12:27

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27 thoughts on “Best VR Games To Play In 2020”

  1. The only horror game that made me have nightmares and almost wet my bed would be phasmophobia
    Even tho my fev game is silent hill and even that didnt scare me as much as this

  2. for 2020 best games you put tetres its just its not exposing the best parts of VR and its just copying isntead of doing something unique with it tetres is a bad game


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