OiVO Pro VR Review For Nintendo Switch


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40 thoughts on “OiVO Pro VR Review For Nintendo Switch”

  1. I bought a custom made strap for the cardboard VR headset and not only is the thing uncomfortably heavy, but it kind of hurts. After a while I end up with red marks on my face. A far cry from the Playstation VR headset. Hopefully this version is more comfortable, but at least I don't have to worry about it getting eaten by termites.

  2. Jus got it today and I will be returning it. I knew it was bad when it had no instructions. I've used older vr systems and they were better. Its basically a magnifying glass. Doesn't have a hub jus compatible with some games that have some vr. Booooooooooooo

  3. Nice video tee, i wish botw vr wouldnt make me completely nauseous. But i still might pick this up, hoping the next iteration of switch has a better screen for VR

  4. You always buy these cool accessories. This looks perfect to be honest. I've played quite a bit of LABO VR, but haven't returned to Breath of the Wild VR because it's awkward and tiring to keep holding the Switch up, so yeah, this is a perfect solution. Thanks for showing it off Tee.

  5. That's the thing!!! If there was a way to attach the cardboard accessories to it then it would be optimal for how LaBo is really supposed to be used. But I still gotta get it… So I can see how it feels to play Zelda at least! Great find sir!


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