Vengeful Rites VR Review Is this The Legend Of Zelda for VR?


1 thought on “Vengeful Rites VR Review Is this The Legend Of Zelda for VR?”

  1. We did figure out that bug from your last video(the invisible enemy), and fixed it thanks to you. The game will have more enemies, just not all right in the beginning, each area will introduce new enemies as well as have the older enemies. Similar to most RPG's, they will progressively get harder as the game progresses.

    This is only the first chapter, there will be 3 more chapters.

    The story is in the works, we didn't want to add it and have it feel rushed, but be assured we do have a story in the works that fits the world and should make it give you a sense of a lived in world. There is also quite a few books to find that give lore to the game.

    The merchant has a bigger role to play, but for Early access our main goal was to get the mechanics feeling as good as possible and have the game run as well as possible.

    Now that we have majority of systems in place, we are going to be working almost solely on content to fill the world up more.

    Thanks for the review!


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