No Heroes Allowed! VR | PSVR Review


In a month filled with Raw Data and Megaton Rainfall, I accidentally found my favorite new PSVR game in a genre I usually ignore – Real Time Strategy.

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27 thoughts on “No Heroes Allowed! VR | PSVR Review”

  1. I'm really glad they managed to transfer WDIDTDTML?!/No Heroes Allowed! over to VR really well.
    Badman and Badmella having proper voice acting does weird me out though, but it's rad.

  2. I pirated it right now first time and now ordered it on play-asia!
    Sadly there no subs option and no voice switching between retro and normal πŸ˜€
    I'm first time glad that I own psvr xD

  3. Whenever a new PSVR game comes out, I look to see if it has been reviewed by Without Parole. Your reviews are spot on and to the point. No 5 minutes of talking about yourself or subscription whoring. Keep up the good work.

  4. I wish your reviews would tell us a bit more about the games. Mostly it’s just information about how you feel about something without any explanation of what the game actually contains.

  5. I really wanted to give this game a shot, so I bought it….but the tracking is god awful!
    I've tried different lighting, moved my camera, open and closed my winfow shades….nothing stops it from drifting so badly and quickly to the left, that within 5 minutes the table is completely behind me.
    Recalibration does nothing at all.

  6. Why no full review on gran turismo ? pricey game to buy and we need ur solid advice on AAA games and not just the quick cheap games for new VR gamers. Thanks

  7. Great video, Bryan! Looks like a fun game. I wanted to share a link, confirming the Facebook and Oculus joint venture mentioned in an earlier video. It is indeed priced at $199, and looks like we should see it early 2018 πŸ˜€ I'm so glad VR is gaining more and more momentum. Thanks, to you and Dez, Michelle, and Jeremy for bringing us all of these great previews, reviews, and updates. You're all such a big help, to the PSVR community. Keep up the great work. Here's the link:

  8. This game wasn't even on my radar until this review. I love RTS games and this game looks amazing ! Do you think it's better than tethered? I stopped playing it because it got really repetitive.

  9. That review is on. That genre is not my cup of tea but i picked it up anyway and the little one and myself got hooked on it. Glad to see with every new game that comes out that they look more and more polished. It really is a joy to be in that environment.

  10. It's almost like every not so popular game format that exists gets new life pumped into it and becomes excellent in VR….. I have to admit even game types I'm not so into on a flat screen are actually amazing to play in VR, I guess it's part of breaking the 4th wall that makes these games more immersive and amazing!!!


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