PlayStation VR review


PlayStation VR is the last of the big three high-end headsets to come out this year, after the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It’s also the one you’re most likely to buy. We take a look at the hardware and games of PSVR, and how it stacks up the rest of the pack.


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43 thoughts on “PlayStation VR review”

  1. I have no problem with my VR I think its a blast. It really lets me go off into another reality and got me back playing with my ps4. Its hillarious watching others play on it.

  2. Just to be sure. This works with the first PlayStation model? Because I'm seeing the vr with the PlayStation slim and with the pro but not with the original model. I'm planning to get this so I want to make sure.

  3. Great video, thanks for explaining you need to get extra $100 for the camera, I think the camera should be bundled with the $399 box and sell everything for $499, some people may get the box only and be surprised they can't play.

  4. Still can't decide PS VR and the Vive. Vive seems technically better but I would have to rearrange my entire room to try to get enough space. And PS VR seems like it has the better actual games but lots of technical issues with tracking.

  5. hi I'm a very ill disabled person and cant leave my room so they are getting me a ps vr oct 13 so I can "travel" in vr but important question do you think it can be used by someone lying in bed maybe propped up but I need at least a soft pillow behind my head to support it? I am thinking if the camera is placed up high and angeled down towards me (btw whats the closest you can get to the camera?) it can read the vr lights and I will be able to turn head left and right and up and down pretty good with vr on on pillow this might work what if your opinion? Thank you very much p.s. they now have a 55" lg oled 4k 3d tv at the foot of the bed I am using now which if pretty immersive for me. btw its ironic I have know about vr and how it can be helpful for a disabled person to get out of their limitations all my life even before I got il and now finally I'm getting vr ironically when I need it the most and in my final months of life lol 🙂

  6. This actually makes sense to me price wise. Combining this with a PS4 Pro will be the most cost effective solution delivering highest quality of experience per $. The Gear VR looks like the biggest gimmick to me due to that shitty ARM CPU with 1/10th of the graphics power, the only thing is good at is the cinematic mode and that's about it.

  7. I tried Farpoint and Batman last week at a Sony exhibition in Glasgow and didn't notice any issues what so ever. Farpoin without any doubt is the future of FPS gaming, so accurate with great visuals and very smart control system.

  8. What I'd be interested is if the Playstation VR doubles as a display for non-VR games, when you can't use that TV.

    I doubt Sony would want the device to be usable on a PC, but being able to utilize the display connected to a PC can be interesting too, like gaming in bed lol, or just watching anime.

  9. she said it at the beginning.. virtual reality is still a novelty. Maine stream isn't interested yet because of the low resolution. They need to fix that or it'll stay a novelty.


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