Soundboxing VS Audioshield VS Holodance | Rhythm VR Game Review (HTC Vive Gameplay)


Comparing three great rhytm VR games on the HTC Vive: Soundboxing VS Audioshield VS Holodance. Which one is better? Table of contents below:

00:34 – Soundboxing VR gameplay
01:50 – Holodance VR gameplay
03:07 – Audioshield VR gameplay
04:23 – All three at once!
04:53 – Our review and conclusion

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Song: Kuba Oms – My Love
Note: We do not own or have created the song on any way.
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23 thoughts on “Soundboxing VS Audioshield VS Holodance | Rhythm VR Game Review (HTC Vive Gameplay)”

  1. Ik was toevallig net op zoek naar een vergelijkingsvid van deze 3 games, en voila :). Thx daarvoor, ook fijn dat jullie hetzelfde nummer gebruiken om te vergelijken. Ik merk dat jullie nog wel struggelen met het Engels, maar das niet erg, want de content is top. Ik ga nu subscriben, keep up the good work :). (TLDR: Nice vid, subbed)

  2. Audioshield really requires the right song. It doesn't work well with some types of songs. You won't find many people useing them but disco, funk, and early 80s hip hop work best because of the simple yet strong beat. Also anything produced by Timberland seems to work flawless. You can also search for "the time". Almost every song by them is perfect for it. These are also very fun songs if you are a person who actually has rhythm.

  3. Thanks for creating this review. I really didn't like Holo Dance and found Sound Boxing massively superior myself. Holo Dance was wasting time with some stupid dinosaur talking and I couldn't figure out how to get a good workout from it. With Sound Boxing I just turned it on and was working a sweat almost immediately.

  4. My girlfriend and I are,playing audioshield very often. She plays more than me 😁. We think it looks fantastic and it is very funny, but yes the sync is not the best. Holodance looks very interessting. I think we will try it. Thank you for the test.

  5. Was looking for an alternative to AudioShield as I'm 9 hours in and a bit tired of the poor mapping, so thanks for doing this review, I think I'll pick up both the others (was considering Beats Fever but it only has 30 tracks right now? I'll probably wait until that one is on sale).

  6. By looking at the video alone, before your verdict I came to the same conclusion. Holodance seems more varied. Audioshield seems to have huge issues with sync!

  7. I didn't play Holodance however there is a free game McOsu where you can play osu beatmaps in VR and it's really great and it brings closer experience to osu than Holodance.

  8. Hope you will take my comment as constructive:
    If you were looking for a dance game (this is the impression I got when watching the video), SoundBoxing should not be included. SoundBoxing is, like the name says, SoundBOXING. I have seen several videos of people "playing" SoundBoxing, and they just stand still and let the orbs hit the gloves. This is wrong. You are supposed to hit the orbs, HARD, timed to the rhythm. If you play it like audioshield, you will get a rather boring experience.
    I understand you can't show all songs because of copyright, but you should definitely give the game another try with a fast song with a high hits:song duration ratio. If you see a song is 3 minutes and it has 600 or more beats, then you know it will be fast.

  9. Can you try the song "U can't touch this" or "ice ice baby" on soundboxing? πŸ˜€ i can't defeat myself but i think those ones are very enjoyable and maybe not basic πŸ˜€

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  11. I love Holodance too! I play Soundboxing more, however, because it's more my style. Some of the usermade beatmaps are really fun to play in it.
    Audioshield didn't really click with me because of the poor beat matching.

  12. Awesome video, very informative! Just what I needed to make my decision on which rhythm game to get next, I was starting to get tired of Audioshield.

    VR on!


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