Shinecon VR 2015 Review


This is the newest VR unit from Shinecon. It’s a lightweight, sturdy, comfortable, and Easy to operate unit that easily fits large devices such as the Galaxy Note 5 or the LG V10. The only con is that it doesn’t come with a magnetic switch, so you will need a Bluetooth device to operate Google Cardboard games.

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  1. I also have the LG G3 and its almost impossible to watch vr content because of overheating. I get a message on my phone that it will power off because of high temperature. Have you had the same problem?

  2. Hi,

    I have Shinecon VR. But facing an issue. When ever I watch video then after few seconds its showing me option to pause, resume etc. How can I disable that thing from VR??

  3. Little tip for anyone else who buys this, if you take one of the tiny spare rubber pads it gives you, you can stick it to one of the magnets inside the cover on the front. This will result in one side being slightly risen, you can then simply press on this side a little bit to alter the magnetic field, and thus trigger the Google Carboard magnet control. No need to put the tinfoil on and use a big magnet like that!

  4. I'm thinking to buy this VR headset.. Do you've experience with Trinus VR ? And if not, would you make a video about it..with this Shinecon ? I want to buy it for pc gaming (RaceRoom) ?!


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