Review: PlayStation VR Marvel's Iron Man VR Bundle


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these are real rewiews abaut PlayStation VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Bundle coming from customers who has bought this product share their experinces so you could associated with best purchasing desicion My sons most wanted 12th birthday gift this has, so far, lived up to the hype for a huge Iron Man fan.
Not sure how long the infatuation will last but, for now, hes pretty thrilled with the experience and, having tried it myself, can say it does feel both immersive and exciting.
Would love to see more games to take advantage of the platform now that we have it, but so far its provided hours of fun for my boys, which is a blessing since theyre spending so much time alone.
ENJOYed.putting it TOGETHER Now LETTING it CHARGE.. Then enjoy..
My man loves his Xmas gift. Thank god I didn’t get the PS5.
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