The Climb 2 On Oculus Quest 2 – Climbing A SKYSCRAPER In VR!


I play The Climb 2 on Oculus Quest 2 in this gameplay and review video. The Climb 2 on Oculus Quest is a direct sequel to The Climb from Crytek. Does The Climb 2 add more to the climbing formula or is it just more of the same? Find out in this video…

00:00 – Intro
01:48 – The Climb 2 Gameplay
18:20 – The Climb 2 Review

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Let me know what you think of the Climb 2 on Oculus Quest in the comments below…

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47 thoughts on “The Climb 2 On Oculus Quest 2 – Climbing A SKYSCRAPER In VR!”

  1. my theory to why you feel scared even though you know its not real is because the brain puts feelings before thought so rational isn't priority when feelings make a fight or flight response. idk probably common knowledge

  2. So they have added city's and improved the graphics for £22.99 (snow levels were a free DLC on PC) seems like it should have been a £10 DLC price for people that already owned the Climb 1!

  3. I read a comment today that you can turn FFV off in sidequest and the Climb 2 runs much better on Quest 2. FFV is on as default so the app runs on both Quest 1 and Quest 2. But it actually hinders Quest 2. I need to try this out !!!

  4. I'm surprised that YouTubers don't seem to be pointing out that contrary to the promise in the Oculus blog post dated 18th February, " App Sharing applies automatically to all new apps in the Oculus Quest Store from this date forward.", it appears that The Climb 2, released on 4th March, does not offer App Sharing.

    I bought it a couple of days ago and have played it for a few hours. When I checked the secondary account on the same headset, it's not there.

    Very disappointing.

  5. I played the climb 1 and 2 back to back, the original feels much slower and has a lot of crashing issues on the quest 2 but the climb 2 was very impressive and the city map was so immersive it was so cool. cant wait till they port it to pc as I loved the pc port of the climb 1

  6. Holy crap, a sponsor plug that I actually found interesting, useful, and relevant! Am I dead? Is this heaven? This is the first time on youtube I am ACTUALLY going to check out the sponsored site/item.

  7. I am new to oculus and I love your review, should I invest my money in beat saber or the climb2? I am very picky and I don’t know which one… pls help!

  8. Hi Mike, I just followed your instructions to load sidequest on oculus quest 2, when I tried to play the games, there is no sign of them anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. T.

  9. Did they fix the climb strength and crashing bugs? I had to return the game, had terrible crashes quite often and got stuck at checkpoints with no strength so I’d instantly fall off of the first ledge I grab..


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