NEW VR Treadmill Makes 'Ready Player One' A Reality (KAT Walk C Honest Review)


The Kat Walk C is the world’s first consumer onmi directional VR treadmill. I am using the extra large model for users up to 6’4″. This is a ton of fun bringing call of duty VR to life, an amazing experience for the avid VR lover. But it has its problems, for example: strafing sucks and so does bending over; or walking backwards. This product is not perfect, but it has a lot of room to grow. @KatVR #VR #KatWalkC #VRTreadmill

Games tested: Pavlov VR, Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, Half Life Alyx, Boneworks
Future games to be tested: GTA 5 in VR, leave comments below for others


00:00 – intro
01:42 – getting strapped in
02:12 – pavlov gameplay
04:45 -sound of use on the base
05:14 – first time user reaction
07:03 – Half Life Alyx gameplay
08:46 – outro
10:06 – Quest 2 Giveaway

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27 thoughts on “NEW VR Treadmill Makes 'Ready Player One' A Reality (KAT Walk C Honest Review)”

  1. Guys, this looks horrible. Looks like you're trying to break free from someone, but the floor is slippery and you can't take a proper step. How does this translate into simulated walking in VR?

  2. I am liking where things are heading although I’m gonna pass on buying this (or any of these right now. Omni looks good buuuuut I’m gonna hold out cuz this is some serious cash.

    End of line.

  3. When u invest in the company other then the discount what other perks you get do you gain a profit with your investment just curious.. stocks anything ??? Because if not your pretty much throwing money away

  4. As an avid VR user. This is not worth $1400. From how you are walking/running it look super uncomfortable nothing natural about it. I’m sure the tech will improve and advance I the future but I would advise Saving that $1400 unless you got extra money to burn.

  5. My biggest worry is it feeling too slippery and breaking the immersion because of poor traction, also the turning looks too “smooth” and slow is that a problem for you??


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