☢ DISMANTLE THE UN ☢ | Project Wingman VR Review


The truth of it is that I just used the flare button like a “shut up” button. When the plane (or Prez) started yelling at me I just pushed that flare button until they stopped. I love this game.

Project Wingman’s Soundtrack by Jose Pavli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4wVTm4H9Cs&list=PL62XnKg7k9Aw1e_7E8DgI8cBzQdI5vw2i

Max0r’s Ace Combat Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL2KFkNVzLg
The Prez Art: https://twitter.com/gehn_art?s=20


0:00 Campaign Part 1
13:38 Project Wingman’s World Lore
14:28 Campaign Part 2
20:39 The Final Boss
26:50 The Ending & Final Thoughts

Second Channel w/ Full Stream VODs:

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48 thoughts on “☢ DISMANTLE THE UN ☢ | Project Wingman VR Review”

  1. Belka nukes itself like 7 times in zero it''s hilarious. Plus you can make cipher into a huge war criminal since apparently he gets paid by targets destroyed regardless of what those targets are. But yeah this game seems rad. It looks so pretty. It wears its inspiration on its sleeve but that's far from a bad thing.

  2. The final bosses fourth health bar is visible after about twenty seconds it appears, but it might not work well in VR maybe? Or maybe they just fixed this older bug since? I didn't buy it at launch, but for now it works fine in non VR at least.

  3. The VR is shit and the final battle proved it because it actually shows his full final health bar out of VR, and the post stall maneuvers don’t give you motion sickness when you use them out of VR

  4. Honestly
    As unsatisfying as the ending was innitially I have grown to like it

    It was one of the only times I truly wanted to kill a boss
    Not for the fact that he was challanging or frustratingly hard to beat
    Not even for being an annoying bastard

    I think a realization set in on my fourth attempt, the way Monarch would have to feel
    Crimson 1 didn´t lie when he said he took everything from you
    He is a deranged genocidal narcissist that killed millions, set the world ablaze and threw in everyone Monarch likely knew at that point for good measure, besides maybe Prez
    He had to die, he just had to finally fucking die
    And once it´s done, well, the emptiness felt expected
    There was nothing left
    Nothing to return to, noone to cheer your name for yet another victory, and a single death was far too good a fate for Crimson

    That bleak feeling felt natural for me at that point
    By all accounts, Crimson has won
    The five lines at the end hit just right considering that
    All you knew died and all that was left was a Cascadian representative paying out your contract

    "The deal is over merc, thank you, you may now leave."


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