Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in VR – Professional Pilot Review


I am a professional pilot with over 7,000 hours of flight time from props to business jets. This is my Microsoft Flight Simulator VR review . FS2020 VR is finally here! After much wait and anticipation, this is my review of what VR in FS2020 is really like.

To get VR to work, go to settings and change from PC to VR and restart FS2020. CTRL TAB cycles between VR and PC mode.

I am running an Oculus Rift S and I did not have any errors or yellow screen when starting Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in VR.

My specs are Intel Core i9, 9900 KF, 16GB memory, NVidia RTX 2080 Super, 1.48GB HD.

The screen capture recorded from the monitor which displayed a left and right image. I had to crop out the right image. I was hoping for full screen but it wasn’t possible at the time of recording. I could have gone full screen but the image quality is diminished greatly.

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  1. How the heck did you get such high frame rate and lack of choppiness with "just" a RTX 2080? I have RTX 3070 and it feels unbelievably badly optimized and laggy for me ..

  2. Have to say I am enjoying VR in MSFS more than I ever have in any other simulator. The level of immersion is FANTASTIC. Granted, I'm running it on an i9 10850K overclocked to 5.1, and a 3090 RTX overclocked as well. With those, I am able to virtually run any setting I want to on the graphics, and I only get limited by the data bandwidth streaming the landscape scenery as I fly, which occasionally causes some lengthy pauses. Even so, I am still able to "live" within the simulator, and really, truly "fly" the planes. It is an amazing achievement, and as I said in another comment, I almost feel like I'm cheating, since I have had a totally new experience since VR was released, despite still enjoying 2D in the "base" game…. Fortunately, I was able to get an early HP Reverb G2 and I believe that that headset was practically made for this sim. The resolution and colors are astounding.

  3. Thanks for a great review, you make some very relevent comments. I am still waiting to receive my HP Reverb G2, Was going to buy an RTX3080 but now waiting for the RTX3080Ti, the 20GB DDR6X memory will be worth the extra bucks I think.
    Your description of the totally immersive feel and 3d quality has convinced me that I'm doing the right thing. The 3D 'walkabout' is fascinating, thank you for your candid thoughts, can't wait to try it.

  4. I played in VR for the first time today, then went back to flatscreen, and then went back to VR again. Doubt I'll go back to flat, just feels right. You get a better sense of speed and surroundings and you don't have to use a mouse to look around lol. It's impressive how they got all this to work in VR.

  5. Caveat emptor Buyer beware: watching your video really got me excited about building a new machine for MSFS 2020 and buying the Oculus Quest 2 I have spent many hours researching VR headsets and the Quest 2 was the answer until I learned that you have to have a Face Book Acount to use the Oculus Quest 2. I was so close to placing the order this evening.
    This is a deal breaker for me there are a few videos on the subject but not many, I thought I would throw it out there. Your video makes it look so inviting and fun.😁🛫

  6. While being in Vr is cool in itself, i'm a bit disappointed to learn you can't do all controls with index controllers for example. The thing i was looking forward to the most is just being able to easily glance at different control panels and flick switches and so on with my hands, but seems you have to still use a mouse which is disappointing. But i'm not complaining too much, just being able to play this in VR will be awesome, i'm holding off until i build a new PC as game runs horribly even in pancake mode even in medium settings on my current PC and i can't go near major cities like NYC currently. I know trying to then boot this up in VR on my PC isn't going to happen, lol.

  7. For your throttle issues in TBM930!!! Read this!

    If you have a prop axis it interferes with throttle axis. So does the Mixture axis.
    Make sure you have mixture always maxed out. Make sure you have the prop RPM to low (pulled) and use TOGGLE REVERSE PROP key/button to switch to HIGH IDDLE/TAXI IDDLE and use TOGGLE THROTTLE REVERSE key/button to switch between CUT OFF and LOW IDDLE.
    Here how the start up looks:
    1. Mixture 100%
    2. Prop RPM low/pulled
    3. Press Throttle Reverse !TOGGLE! . Watch the Throttle going all the way to cut off. If not press also Prop reverse Toggle.
    4. Start normally the turbine
    5. At 13% N1 press Throttle Reverse Toggle Watch throttle lever moving to low idle.
    6. At 50% N1 press Prop Reverse Toggle. Watch throttle lever moving to High idle then sliding to Taxi Idle.
    7. Push quickly the Prop RPM lever (from you desk controller) to 100% (forward)
    8. Now you are good to go. Use just the throttle lever.
    9. Complain to Asobo for this sh…
    10. Don't play with mixture during flight unless you want to practice airborne turbine restarts.

  8. il wait another year or 2 until the series 4 cards come out….ive seen 3090 cards struggling to get 30fps in vr with this game….the hardware simply isnt available to play it good yet

  9. tried this on my quest 2 with my i5 7500 gtx 980ti rig and was lucky to get 15fps…..dunno if i should upgrade cos it plays every other game out there on high or ultra but it is VR i guess

  10. It’s amazing isn’t it. I have a 2080ti and it runs just fine on ultra so maybe it just needs that little extra boost, I also have the 10900k cpu and 32gb of ram so maybe that’s making a difference too. Also have the Rift S and it’s superb for this. I’ve played for hours and can’t wait to play more.

  11. It should be no surprise that there's a big performance drop in VR. The capability to run already compute heavy programs in VR is still on the edge of what current GPUs can sustain, and unfortunately yours is already previous gen. The infinite upgrade loop is an unforgiving one, though it will bring us great wonders in the years to come.

  12. Great video and nice landing, subscribed! I've been flying in VR for the last month or so on the beta and it's hard to go back to flying 2d (even though I had Track IR for head tracking). It's so much easier to sort out things like taxi ways visually when you have a sense of depth to work with, and landing feels a lot more intuitive! Plus the sense of just being there, in the cockpit, checking out all this incredible scenery, it's something else! Still have improvements to make both with performance and the implementation of motion controllers, but it's already a great experience!

  13. With my I5 and 1650 super I think I got up to about 4 fps in the lowest possible settings with some phantom black window stuck in my view. I wonder if there will ever be an update for a beginner pc like mine to work decently.


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