The Best Oculus Quest 2 Cardio Workout Yet? // Audio Trip VR FULL Review!


Audio Trip Cardio Update on the Oculus Quest 2 – a full review from your favorite Fitness Pro! I take a deep dive into this AWESOME fitness game after several weeks of play. I wanted to wait and really incorporate this game into my weekly workout routine before giving you my opinion on this fantastic cardio game. Thanks again for watching and don’t forget, I answer 99% of your comments! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Thanks again for watching, I look forward to hearing what people have to say about this one!

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7 thoughts on “The Best Oculus Quest 2 Cardio Workout Yet? // Audio Trip VR FULL Review!”

  1. Synth Riders is on sale today for the same price as Audio Trip so I found your video by doing a search for how the two compared. I think I'm going to get Synth Riders since I hate doing squats and their selection of custom songs seems better, which is important to me. From your review it sounds like you have Synth Riders so hopefully you'll do a review on that sometime.

    And I think you mentioned in another video that a review of Thrill of the Fight is coming soon so when you review that maybe you can also give some boxing tips? No other TotF reviewer has done that. I'm terrible at the game and can't get past the first Russian boxer since I've never fought anyone in my life! Any help you can give in how to beat those VR boxers would be much appreciated because when I played TotF I felt like it gave me the best workout of any VR game.

    I really enjoy your reviews so I hope you keep at it. You have a great communication style and don't speak too fast or slow, just right, with well thought out opinions. I wish I had a PE teacher like you in high school, I probably would have developed a love of staying fit more.

    One minor suggestion: in this video you were looking off camera a bit. I think it's better when you look right into the lens. And did you ever explain what the deal is with the Rogue shirt? I hope Nissan is paying you for that!

  2. I LOVE THIS GAME! So glad you checked it out. BTW, YES you can change the colors, and just recently they added playlists so you don't have to go back to the main menu after each song.
    I don't think your criticism of the Cardio levels being too hard is fair. The game has 4 difficulty levels in total, and they're there for people to choose whatever level they are capable of. I play every level on Regular and I get a killer workout. I don't have enough room to really stretch out and play the harder levels but I don't feel at all like I am missing out. If anyone wants an easier experience, that's what the Beginner level is for.

  3. Notes: 1) On top of the 20 built in songs you can download a growing number of custom songs (around 70-80 as of today)
    2) According to the developer Discord channel a new update to the app is imminent with Playlist and other UI improvements!

  4. I love the cardio update of audio trip! Its great 2 see that is a good workout. I use this with the fit xr boxing "classes" and synth riders as a warm up or cooldown. (still wish supernatural is coming 2 Europe but it doesn't seem a priority for them)

    Keep up the good work on these video's!

  5. Great stuff. I really like and support the suggestions for continuous (both prepared and random!) playlists. Audio trip is also my favourite VR workout and probably my favourite VR game as I am just geared towards rhythm games (yeah, to me it's better than Alyx, but not to take away from Alyx at all!).

    I bought this using an Oculus30 promo and it was just a steal at around 14 eurobucks. And by the way, it has cross buy so you can still play it on PCVR if you have another headset, or maybe down the line we get decent nodding for this which will probably be more straightforward on PC.

    I definitely think the legs are better than in most VR fitness, but I like to say their wall implementation is better, as it's not just the squatting or actual leg movement, it's that the walls actually are positioned well for the song and most of all for the user. If there's a thing I believe fails a lot in Beat Saber and Synth Riders is that their walls are either too permissive, too far in between each other, or worst of all they don't build upon the rhythm of most songs. In Audio Trip they just work and I really believe it's a mix of good game mechanics with greatly cared for mapping of each individual song. It shows that these take a while to get updated because every new song clearly has all the polish it could have.


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