COSMODREAD review and gameplay! Find out why this is the BEST survival horror game on Oculus Quest


Full review and gameplay of Cosmodread (formerly known as “Cosmophobia”) a new VR survival horror roguelike from the creator of Dreadhalls, about escaping a dying spaceship filled with nightmares. Stranded in a hostile universe, you must explore, survive, and find your way back to the safety of Earth. It focuses on tense and atmospheric exploration, survival, and interaction with both enemies and environment.


– Explore: Search for resources and find a way home. Every run will have you play in a new procedurally generated layout, with random positions for rooms, corridors, items and hazards, and different emergent situations. You’ll never quite know what’s behind the next door.

– Survive: Use your own hands to interact with the environment. Open doors, drawers and lockers and rummage through their contents. Collect basic resources, and craft weapons and equipment to deal with both enemies and hazards.

– Fight: Crouch behind cover and shoot at enemies with your crossbow, or set a trap for them to walk into. But remember: ammo is scarce! Sometimes it’s better to just grab an object off a shelf and throw it away to distract the creature sniffing after you.

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Intro: 0:00
Backstory: 0:27
Visuals and Audio: 0:50
Gameplay: 3:15
Longevity: 5:45
Summary and Rating: 7:02
Outro: 7:58

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14 thoughts on “COSMODREAD review and gameplay! Find out why this is the BEST survival horror game on Oculus Quest”

  1. Compared with Dread Halls Cosmodread feels different, more like a horror shooter. The feeling of dread and death is gone. The need to constantly look for Oxygen, a crossbow to shoot the baddies, plus the need to collect things distracts your mind from the horror around you. Great game but not as spine-chilling as its predecessor.


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