My NEW FAVOURITE VR game! – 1976 Back To Midway // Oculus Rift S // RTX 2070 Super


This game is available from Steam here:

My Initial Thoughts:
SIMPLY SUPERB and this just goes to show how you can only get this level of innovation, thrills and excitement in VR!
This is a boyhood dream come true!

Game Description from the Developers:
Are you ready to travel back in time to 1943 and relive the excitement of classic arcade dogfights? Now, thanks to Virtual Reality, you’re about to discover a new level of immersion and spectacularity, while retaining the original essence and fun.


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☆ MY PC Specs:
☆ Windows 10, 64 bit
☆ Intel Core i7-9700
☆ GeForce RTX 2070 Super
☆ 16 GB Ram
☆ Virgin Media Superhub 3 (5G)



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14 thoughts on “My NEW FAVOURITE VR game! – 1976 Back To Midway // Oculus Rift S // RTX 2070 Super”

  1. Hey dude I love the name of your channel. I was looking this game up and yours was the first that popped up so click here I am. Polish Paul VR was covering it for PSVR, which i have, and cant wait for it to arrive. New sub for sure. Keep up the amazing work! What VR systems do you have?

  2. heya PD, if you get the steamvr advanced settings app you can rotate your playspace to correct that. I had the issue with another game at some point. Cheers for video gotta pick this one up, absolutely loved Operation Warcade.

  3. This looks great! Thanks for sharing! I know you do Vorpx videos occasionally, and I was curious if you could figure out a working configuration for Friday the 13th game? Thanks if you can help!


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