Insta360 Pro 2 In-depth Review: 8K 3D 360Β° VR Camera w/ Log, Low Light, HDR Video


Considering buying the Insta360 Pro 2 – 8K 3D 360Β° professional VR camera? Watch this Review series FIRST! We will go over the key points of image quality, Log mode, low light production, high frame rate production, farsight remote control, FlowState stabilization, and compare it to the Insta360 Pro and Kandao Obsidian S.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:46 – Image Quality Comparison with Insta360 Pro & Kandao Obsidian
3:33 – Image Quality Comparison with Kandao Obsidian
5:37 – i-Log & comparison with Kandao Obsidian Log
8:09 – Improve Stitching quality
8:47 – High Frame Rate production (60fps / 120fps / Slow Motion):
8:59 – Low Light quality
9:49 – 360Β° HDR Video

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36 thoughts on “Insta360 Pro 2 In-depth Review: 8K 3D 360Β° VR Camera w/ Log, Low Light, HDR Video”

  1. Thank you for making this video! I found it really helpful. I am considering buying the Pro 2 because I want to create immersive content for VR headsets, like the new Oculus Quest 2, to being able to film in 8k 60 fps would allow me to make higher quality experiences for Quest 2 owners. My question is: it has been 2 years since this camera was released- should I buy it now, in November of 2020? Is it still a great camera for the $5000 price point? Or should I wait for the Pro 3 to come out. I'm not sure when that will happen and I'd like to get started filming… but I also don't want to invest five thousand dollars in a camera that won't be top of the line in another 2 to 10 months. What do you think? Thank you for your time!!!

  2. Which 360 Camera would you suggest in the $5,000 and below to be the best camera for shooting low light stills inside of commercial real estate, Hotels, and Convention Centers? Ive been looking into both of these cameras. Or is there a better one that I haven't looked at yet?

  3. This is very helpful. I look forward to more of your content on this camera system.
    I've just been thrown in the deep end as our primary camera operator is out of commission and we have a shoot coming up.
    I need to learn as much about this system as possible 😜

  4. CreatorUp, your videos are amazing. However I am still struggling to understand after watching few videos and looking up few websites; Does Insta360 Pro 2 record in 360 3D for VR applications or only 180 degree 3D?

  5. Hey Hugh,

    Really enjoy your thorough reviews of the Pro2 and overall coverage of the 360 camera market. I do have some really interesting questions to ask you about low light shooting that i hope you could help with.

  6. Thank you so much for the comprehensive review!
    always love your videos.
    Is there any way that you send me a sample of the stabilisation file contained in the SD card ?
    Thank you so much !

  7. I'll have to stick with my insta 360 one X for now. I got a lot to learn again with cameras. LOL. I'm posting a lil overboard right now just trying to learn and get a lil feedback. That pro 2 camera looks amazing though. I will be watching for the video on likes and dislikes.

  8. Whats your favorite vr camera (180 or 360) under $5000 and whats the best in low light and do u have any tutorial on how to light a low light situation and or how to edit a well lit shot to make it look like night?

  9. Hi, first, thanks for the response to an earlier question. It was really helpful and we purchased the Insta360 Pro2. After filming 8K60F or 8K30F3D and importing it, what is a good starting point for export options in Premiere? H.264? VR Monoscopic or Stereo for preset? We are trying a few options. Some are taking 5 minutes to render and look terrible, others say 6+ hours so we cancel it. We're just looking for a good set of choices for export that will look great on the Oculus Go and not take hours to render. Any suggestions for a basic export setup until we learn more about the camera? Thanks for the help.

  10. Great comparison Hugh! Between the Kandao and Insta360 Pro 2, which one would you say offers better results for close-up subjects in stereo mode? (Using Mistika VR to stitch)

  11. Hi, can you plug the camera directly into a computer to copy the files without taking out all 6 + 1 cards? Also, does it work on a pc or just Mac? Lastly, someone said no wi-fi below? I thought it had wi-fi? Thanks.

  12. Hugh – great reviews. Very helpful. I wanted to buy this and get you commission but I don't want to buy it on Insta360 since their return policy is only 7 days and it has to be unopened. I'd prefer to buy it on Amazon. Do you have a link to this product with an affiliate code so we can help support this channel?


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