KryptCrawler Review on Gear VR – Immersive & challenging VR experience!


Kryptcrawler review on gear VR – In this video I’ll quickly review Kryptcrawler (krypt crawler) which released recently on oculus store for gear VR and oculus rift. The game is definately immersive and challenging but like every game that I review on this channel, there are always something that I don’t like about the game. I’ll quickly go over positive and negative aspects of krypt crawler in this video.

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8 thoughts on “KryptCrawler Review on Gear VR – Immersive & challenging VR experience!”

  1. The grid-based movement is kinda exactly why this game is what it is. To just let you locomotion around would make it a completely different thing. It 's not some attempt at making a "new" way of VR movement it's suppose to be like that, it's why I'm personally interested in it having grown up on Dungeon Master and previously the two Alternate Reality Games.

  2. The company put out an update but i can't seem to figure out what it did. Problems still with hammer and the game still seems to end at lower prison.. No Agorak. I came to the conclusion that the game is a waste of time. maybe to uninstall and reload but……no…..besides its not in VR store for sale anymore, at least what i can tell. Nothing more annoying than abandoning a game more than half way through ( it is a Diablo game–King Leoric—Emperor Lodric) Loved Diablo, Hey Blizzard,,hint hint

  3. How much of an RPG is this compared to something like Torchlight or Diablo? Is there much interesting loot? Can you buff weapons, ranges weapons, cast spells, etc? Are there non-player characters or multiplayer options?

    Thanks for making this review video so quickly.


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