"Playstation VR Review" @BrassTax


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5 thoughts on “"Playstation VR Review" @BrassTax”

  1. Great review. I picked up the psvr at launch and I feel it was a wise choice. I enjoy it very much and I've even found that i spend most of my time when using it to watch 3D and 360 youtube videos. I just wish i could afford to buy a ps4 pro so that I could improve on the performance of the headset.

  2. I can't believe you mentioned Headmaster stands out as one of the better titles too. I totally agree. The reason I can't believe it is because I've been trying to tell non vr believers how a game where you head soccer balls can be so good. The immersive mood that game sets is truly amazing. By the way, I got into your videos when I got my new 4k tv and you've helped me pick out some great titles in 4k and 3d. Subscribed a while ago! Keep up the great work!


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