Doom 3: VR Edition Review


Doom 3: VR Edition reviewed by Gabriel Moss on PSVR using a PlayStation 4 Pro.

A PSVR version of a classic as highly esteemed as id Software’s Doom 3 sounds great in concept, especially compared to the faster pace of the recent Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal reboots, but this port is hurt by its stubborn adherence to the original.

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  1. It's great to see doom 3 vr get love and attention! Doom 3 was engineered from the get go to be vr capable but due to licensing issues vr was never completed. The BFG edition has hmd support, but no inertia measures. The PSVR port (and well-established PC mod rbdoom) are full realizations of the intended VR experience, and great steps forward for mainstream VR adoption

  2. Guys, please don't do any more reviews on VR games, at least on ports of old games, it's just not yours. Be journalists, not VR haters. First you put Borderlands 2 VR 3/10 (then under the wave of dissatisfaction of VR gamers you changed it to 6,8) now here – Doom 5/10 .. VR games, at least the ports of old games-this is not yours…

  3. If you have a quest 2 vr, you can play doom 3 vr if you download it on Sidequest, and you will have full 360 degree movement of your head.

    Doom 3 was a really fun VR shooter, what made it bad was.

    Single button reloads.

    Fast paced combat (if your motion sick. Im not)

  4. We get it: this reviewer is not a fan of PSVR since he considers everything "limited". Better head to the PSVR Without Parole channel for a more objective review from people who actually play VR regularly.

  5. "It's 10 hour campaign is mostly packed with fast paced combat." People buy Doom FOR the fast paced combat. That's the point. It may not have been designed with VR in mind originally, but it's a novelty for the people who love both.

  6. Very strongly disagree. Doom 3 VR is easily one of my favorite PSVR games. Yes the scaling is wonky, but VR elevates Doom 3 so much it's hard to believe it wasn't originally intended to be a VR game. Not every VR game needs to use hand tracking style controls or room scale, VR can simply be a way to make traditional games way more immersive. The Aim controller is great with Doom 3 VR, but even just the motion tracked DualShock 4 works really well.


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