I recently purchased the bHaptics x40 Haptic suit and wanted to share my thoughts on it.
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50 thoughts on “I FELT BULLETS IN VR! – bHaptics x40 REVIEW”

  1. I'm an avid Pavlov Player and I was wondering about haptic suits for vr. I cant believe the first video I clicked on has a detailed run through of a haptic vest showcasing pavlov. Think I might get one =D

  2. I'm kinda wondering how these work for women. Just because its probably been designed for men use only and tested.
    Kinda sad way of thinking, I know that there are women who wants the vest obviously.

  3. judging by your accent im pretty sure you live in Australia. i just wanted to ask how did you get your valve index. i have been wanting one for quit a while but due to the face i live in Australia i cant get one

  4. im waiting till we get them vr treadmills or really vr sliding circles that dont cost 1600. as soon as they hit the sub 1k range I will probably be pretty tempted


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