⚽ Amazing Multiplayer VR SOCCER | VRFC REVIEW (PSVR on PS4 PRO) ⚽


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VRFC is an amazing multiplayer VR soccer game that is out now for PSVR, Oculus Rift, & HTC Vive! Control your feet with your hands, and hit the pitch with up to 7 other players. Let the games begin.

Find Matches w/ VRFC Discord: https://discord.gg/pFffYWP

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35 thoughts on “⚽ Amazing Multiplayer VR SOCCER | VRFC REVIEW (PSVR on PS4 PRO) ⚽”

  1. This game looks interesting and soccer/futbol is my favorite sport, but for the available content I was shocked at the price. I mean look at what blasters gives you for $14.99.
    I was expecting $9.99 and hoping for the PS plus discount on top of that. I.fear that once this goes on sale the multiplayer game rooms will be empt. To bad as this looks fun.

  2. Great concept and despite its limited graphics seems fun which, let’s face it, is what games are supposed to be about just seems a little too motion sickness inducing for my liking so won’t be getting it. Great goal though Frankie, a real two yard screamer into the bottom corner 👍🏻


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