Star Wars Pinball VR – PC Impressions PLUS PC V's Quest 2 Comparison! / Oculus Rift S / RTX 2070


This experience is available from Steam here:

My Initial Impressions:
As a Massive fan of Star Wars and Pinball FX tables, I was not disappointed with this title. I have already sunk many hours into this game both on Quest 2 and PC.
In this game we get 8 unique tables, based around 8 Star Wars themes, ranging from Rebels to A New Hope and each table offers it own unique take on the lore and Star Wars Universe.
I’m in heaven playing this game.

Game Description from the Developers:
For the first time ever, Star Wars Pinball surrounds us in virtual reality! Star Wars Pinball VR collects 8 AMAZING TABLES:
• The Mandalorian
• Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
• Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
• Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
• Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
• Star Wars Rebels
• Masters of the Force
• Classic Collectibles

Exciting new features exclusive to this release:
• The fully customizable FAN CAVE houses your “virtual” pinball table and items you earn.
• TOTAL IMMERSION MODE allows you to experience everything at table level.
• 360-DEGREE MINIGAMES surround you with iconic Star Wars set pieces.

Other features from past Star Wars Pinball releases return:
• HAPTIC FEEDBACK for controllers so it feels like actual pinball
• CAREER MODE for short, targeted gameplay sessions
• FORCE POWERS to power up your play
• A CANTINA JUKEBOX of John Williams music


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☆ MY PC Specs:
☆ Oculus Rift S
☆ GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER
☆ Windows 10, 64 bit
☆ Intel Core i7-9700
☆ 16.0GB Ram



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8 thoughts on “Star Wars Pinball VR – PC Impressions PLUS PC V's Quest 2 Comparison! / Oculus Rift S / RTX 2070”

  1. Wait there's a PC version? You mean like SteamVR? It looks like crap. It's phone VR level graphics. You mean it looks worse in the Quest2? LOL it's worse than I thought. These are the guys who made Pinball FX2 VR on Steam? How? That's a 5 year old game and it looks like it's from the future compared to Star Wars Pinball VR!

  2. Hmmm :/ it looks like the lighting is much dimmer on the Quest 2 version. I was hoping to get that one, but I watched a different channel’s gameplay and confirmed it’s not from your recording. Does it really seem like there are lighting difference that you can see, or is this a quirk of Quest 2’s video recording?

    For me, PC isn’t an option due to the latency with the Quest 2. Pinball needs fast reaction times

  3. Maybe I missed it, but what did you think of PC vs Quest 2 versions? I was actually wondering how playing the Steam version on a Quest 2 via Air Link, compares with the native Quest 2 version? I have Reverb G2 and Quest 2, so would be great to buy the cheaper Steam version and use on both… unless the Oculus Store native Quest 2 version is a lot better than playing the PCVR version via Oculus Air Link.


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