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6 thoughts on “Maskmaker Review – VR Download”

  1. richly detailed environments, really? the light visual style feels like it's made for Quest – looks very much like something made in Quill tbh – very surprising it's not available there yet.

    I don't like the omniscient voiceover narrative style that many VR indies use – also in The Wizards and Apex Construct among others. I really think the iconic Myst-like narrative works best in VR: no instructions, no voiceover, just you led by curiosity about the game world, exploring and uncovering its secrets by yourself and piercing together bits of narrative scattered around that gives you a glimpse of what came to pass… This really comes from a long tradition in text-adventures, including Zork, and works so right in VR.

  2. I beat the game yesterday and I really dug it! Charming is a great word for it. Made me want a Jim Henson Creature Shop inspired VR game

    There was a bit a where I fell through the map in the mountain section before I was able to get the next mask blueprint. I had to start the game over but I got back to where I was rather quickly


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