ALVO VR | PSVR REVIEW [Explicit Language]


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31 thoughts on “ALVO VR | PSVR REVIEW [Explicit Language]”

  1. I just bought this game today and the first lobby i got put into was with 4-5 people from the top leaderboard. The gameplay was fun but the experience was just terrible spawn killing. I hope they fix the issue where you spawn facing a cliff edge or door, leaves you vulnerable.

  2. The new update is an NIGHTMARE!!! bad weapon sounds, unplayable game bugs and the Sniper Gun was so much weakened that u can not longer use that weapon for snipe action. Alvo Team, you had the best VR-Ego Shooter for 2 weeks, but now you have a ton of CRAP! byebye Alvo

  3. I have been playing so much I just cant get enough. I liked firewall but didnt play very much because I just prefer some fast action. We haven't had any came come anywhere close to scratching this itch the way Alvo does imo.

  4. Ever since I had to get rid of my Vive I’ve been jonesing for a Pavlov-esque shooter and this may be the closest we’ll ever get on PSVR. The controls aren’t as immersive but once you get a feel for them the game captures a lot of that same thrill of a roomscale shooter like Pavlov or Onward. It does for me anyway. A bit pricey but I’m told there’s a lot more to come and even in its current state it scratches that itch. If PSVR ever gets a proper motion controller with a d-pad I can see myself sinking a lot of hours into this game.

  5. Great review. %100 agree. I'm interested to see how soon they follow through with all of the promised additions. And whether or not those additions will cost extra.


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