Vitus' $1,449 Sentier 29 VR Review: A Great Middle Ground Hardtail | 2021 Pinkbike Field Trip


The Vitus Sentier 29 VR is a hardtail 29er with a 130mm fork that goes for $1,449 USD. How did it stack up against the other hardtails in our test? Watch and find out.

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0:00 – Intro
02:18 – Setup
02:39 – Climbing
04:44 – Descending
07:12 – Components
08:35 – Pros
09:07 – Cons
09:30 – Verdict

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48 thoughts on “Vitus' $1,449 Sentier 29 VR Review: A Great Middle Ground Hardtail | 2021 Pinkbike Field Trip”

  1. Been trying to hunt one of these down but impossible as we all know. I’m 5’10” with a slightly small wingspan vs height and I’m torn between a M and L frame. New rider. Any suggestions?

  2. Well i own a vitus HT SENTEIR 29er and I can ride it on chunk really well and I climb almost anything so I really think it boils down to the rider and im 60 yrs old and I can keep up with some of the more expensive hardtail riders in the southwest chunk desert terrain area !!!

  3. Seems to me that wheel building & manufacturing has gotten to the point where they’re all good and aside from weight they’re not even mentioned. Way different than the early days of mtb where it was common to taco your rims on a hard ride.

  4. Great video!
    About de break pads. Do metalic pads offert better performance on trail bikes?
    I always heard métal was more for going downhill as they have to heat… I keep métal pour bike parks et resin on trail. I do not swap my rotors when I go from resin to metal and vis versa.

  5. I Love You Guys , … The sunshine coast ? Is that in Canada ? Because there isn't even a picture of a white stoic in Canada, .. Except on You Tube , .. And Chain Reaction Cycles (Canada) is listing the Sentier in Ruby's or Euro's , .. but not in Canadian Dollars , .. and the fine print talks about taxes and import fees , .. (not to mention) that these are entry level bikes , -entry level parts , .. for two gran, .. when you mention tax . .. I'de like to see a review on the Norco , .. or something I could actually order (in Canada) I'm not knocking Pinbike, Mike Levy, or Sarah Moore , I watch you every day , .. But most of these bikes are way out there in in la-la land , .. somewhere , … I'm sure there are some in Canada , .. But I've never seen one not even from a distance .. (Chain Reaction Cycles don't actually have any either ) … So I've been building a 2020 Chisel with XT and a Sid ultimate (and thinking of an angleset) because that's what we (can) buy in Canada , .. I also have a Trek Marlin and a Scott Scale Because those are the bikes we (can) buy . I might sell the trek and scott and maybey one day buy an entry level trail bike , .. But I think I'll see Yolanda Neff and the three bears on my local trails long before I ever see a Stoic or a Sentier . Fairy tales are far more realistic . I don't even think I can buy a Kona in Canada right now .

  6. The 27 vr is the sentier to get tho. The geo is a lot better on it: 15mm shorter chainstay, 4mm longer reach, and 0.5 deg slacker. It probably is also a bit lighter because of the wheels if you are into that. But if you are, you should probably look elsewhere. It has quite a bit of drag going uphill, but its worth it for when you point it down.

    Something that they didnt mention, yet I found it as a nice surprise is the rear hub, it has 44poe, just like hope pro4s, and for such a value bike I think that really good. I definitely have a lot less of my pedal stroke wasted when punching it up rocks.

  7. I have 2018 sentier frame 27.5 which I got from a on line store, pair it a 150 fork
    Ar30 rims,i9 hubs, drakes formula cura 4 with 180mm rotors and 2.6 continental front and 2.5 rear, gx derailleur 11 speed. Race face atlas crankset.
    and I have to say I love this bike

  8. I bought one of these last year, 27.5" version. Coming from 90's 26ers it feels amazing downhill. Love the Bomber. Uphill it kinda sucks. Much prefer my old bikes uphill.

  9. What kind of a review is this? Comparing this trail bike to an XC for climbing and descents is nonsense. Clumsy review. By the way, this is the bike that won mbr's bike of the year award. If you're going to compare it, compare it to ONLY trail bikes.

  10. Amazing bike people, thing flyes with the droper post of corese.

    I love this bike chain reaction cycles was great ordering from them. You need not upgrade a thing out the box. I went for the 29er👊👊😀😀😀

  11. Thanks for the review. Good info for someone looking for a bike at this price.

    A suggestion, if I may, that may be helpful for people who are looking for new bike with a certain budget… On verdict, maybe you can add whether you think the bike is "overpriced", "spot on (you get what you paid for)", "good deal", "great bang for the buck" or something.

    Yes, it will be subjective, but it may be somewhat more measurable for most bike review viewers.

  12. Why if the budget range is this wide, not taken the stoic 4? It has 12 speed, a makes it even more capable and is still affordable. I would choose that bike anyday instead of the vitus.


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