Onward VR Oculus Quest 2 up to date in depth look & review, gameplay, sniping, tips, + so much more!


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Today is the day we are taking and in depth look at everything Onward VR Available for the Oculus quest, Oculus quest 2 and also PCVR via Steam VR.

Ill show you the LMG reload that newcomers struggle with so much, me as well when I first started.

This review is going to look at pretty much everything Onward VR has to offer, online and offline game modes, sniping, gameplay, tips and some funny moments to.

Have yourselves a great Cyberpunk 2077 release day this week!

The monotone messiah himself Theta a member of ‘MAYHEM’ one of the top ranked professional Onward teams in the Onward VR master league


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Time stamps:

00:00 Intro
00:20 Opening montage
02:02 What’s coming up and Theta VR
02:37 Review begins/price, early access and bugs
05:21 Mil sim/what kind of game is Onward
05:57 Player base and new players
06:56 New player problems
08:09 Bag fed LMG reload
08:45 Close of player base section
09:25 When you first start up Onward/Tutorial
11:02 Shooting range/VTAC board/kill house/sniper nest
15:02 Weapon skins and Quest 2 update differences
15:49 Guns, lots of guns and accessories
18:23 How the weapons feel to use
18:51 Gun realism review and special ammo count
19:50 Reloading feel and sound/issues
20:53 Conclusion on overall weapon feel and effectiveness
22:03 The riot shield and its glory
22:58 Combat accessories
23:25 Loadouts and the planning board
27:07 Settings
28:00 Online game mode start/ Coop and A.I
29:59 Escort
33:49 Uplink
35:34 Assault
36:15 Social game modes
37:09 End of rounds and re picking team problems
38:00 Offline modes/A.I difficulty and bug fixes
39:46 Maps
42:23 Custom content
43:16 Special mention for a specific team machinic
44:41 Outro/subscriber thanks/ Cyberpunk 2077/ what’s coming up next week

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31 thoughts on “Onward VR Oculus Quest 2 up to date in depth look & review, gameplay, sniping, tips, + so much more!”

  1. I'm just in complete disbelief people think this is good lol
    Its' bugged to high hell, Multiplayer has never worked for people since there's no way to invite ya friends.
    and AI bots………… Freakin Bidens more sharp than this crap

  2. Does anyone know why the controllers pulsate a couple of times now and then?

    Heres a tip…join onwards in the morning before all the kids get up and join it….less chance of getting shot and stabbed in the back by 'team killers'

  3. I’m trying to bribe my dad into buying a quest 2 and this is the first game I would buy, I would try all guns but I think I would mainly snipe because I love sniping

  4. You forgot to mention in the shooting range you can just pull out your tablet and press refresh loadout button to get full ammo, so you don't have to rely on the ammo boxes all the time.

  5. Over the last few days I've started to have a few problems….after a game finishes Im in a completely dark space, I can hear people talking but the controllers dont respond, I also get a similar thing if I lay down to shoot sometimes, or try to pick something up…im in 'no mans land' and normally have to reset the room scale for some reason, then I can rejoin the game via the tent…occcasionally I cant get back to the game at all.

    Is this a known glitch?…any thoughts how you resolve it?

    I was going to delete the game from the library and reload it…but im not sure if this means having to pay again

    Any thoughts, thanks.

  6. This is the best review of outward I have seen, thank you….great that you actually bother to respond to people's comments, unlike some.

    I've only been playing a month, and at 60 probably the world's oldest player!!….so thanks for the tips.. I'm glad it's not just me who couldn't load mags… I still can't work out how to cock the weapon with a couple of the rifles that use barrel mags, costing me many lives!!!

    Couple of frustrations, I wish there was an adult area to play, to help do away with the problem of idiots who either shoot or stab you in the back as soon as the game starts….yeah they can be 'punished', or 'forgiven' (accidents happen), but after a certain amount of times they are punished they should be booted off completely and made to re-register etc

    They are easy to spot in the the tent….normally the ones who draw 'things' on the electronic screen!

    The option to choose your country might help those who only speak one language?

    A way of sorting which scenario/map you prefer when you are looking for a game to join?

    The shooting range game option…any point? It's just full of idiots who shoot you as soon as you enter!

    I just wish my graphics were better…they are not as sharp as any of the graphics on the YouTube examples.

  7. Yes Mr Rex Ive got some VR catching up to do. . . so Ive bouncing around having a look . . I would think Silicone would sweat worse. In my work I often have to use the blue gloves and its like pulling your hands out of a wet bucket. . They dont breath. I was concidering a thicker leather. . Anyways Ill buy both and tryem out. . Really enjoy your channel man and your friendly manner is very much appreciated . .

  8. Gday Rexxy !
    Recently purchased the Oculus Rift S
    Im looking for a better quality facial interface. What would you or your viewers recommend please. Many thanks from Australia in advance.

  9. May be due to a recent update, as I've just bought the game, but as of today you can reach infinite ammo on the range by selecting refresh loadout on the tactical tablet. No need for ammo boxes.


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