The Best Entry To VR? Oculus Quest 2 Review After 2 Weeks


Is Facebook’s new Oculus Quest 2 the best entry into virtual reality right now? YES! Watch the video to hear why I think so! Quite a bit different than my other videos but I have been absolutely loving virtual reality lately so I wanted to share my thoughts on the Quest 2. I had a PSVR beforehand and loved the games that are exclusive, but the wireless headset and superior tracking made it a no brainer to pick up the Quest 2. I’ll check out whatever headset Sony releases when that comes about though!

I did NOT touch on Facebook in this video, but if I were to then I just want to say that if you don’t like Facebook or are worried about Facebook, stay away. I have had a Facebook account since like 2007 or something, I can’t even remember when I made it. I am not a huge fan of FB, and I rarely post to it but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the Quest 2. If that is an issue to you, do your own research and make a decision on it. For me, it had zero impact on my purchase but I do understand people who hate FB or don’t have an account that are weary of this. I can’t alleviate those concerns other than give my experience which has been positive.

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