ETEE VR CONTROLLER REVIEW – How Good Are These New VR Controllers Actually? Kickstarter is LIVE!


Today I am finally checking out the new etee VR controllers! How well does hand and finger tracking actually work? Find out in this video!

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35 thoughts on “ETEE VR CONTROLLER REVIEW – How Good Are These New VR Controllers Actually? Kickstarter is LIVE!”

  1. Same price as valve index controllers… i think a lot of people is looking for cheap hand tracking controllers than the same you could buy but even better for valve index controllers.

    At least sell them for 10 or 20 bucks less than index controllers i would be happy with that.

  2. Backed the SteamVR version on Indiegogo, and I'm SO excited! Thought about getting Valve Index controllers, but if I can wear my controllers instead of holding them, it'll add some serious immersion in VR!

  3. The knuckles controllers are controllers first with finger support as a bonus, which is nice since they will still be functional in games.

    This is Finger Tracking first and a controller second, which means that it’s absolutely useless in most games.

    This is cool on paper, but absolutely useless in practice, and it doesn’t even have its own tracking.

  4. I still think these won't be used for complex games. Now for beat Saber, synth riders and Ohshape however… I think these will replace my vive wands rather than my index ones if they are comfortable but that steel band around it seems so uncomfortable.

  5. With the lack of buttons and a joystick, this product definitely leans towards the non gaming side of VR which is a shame. Nonetheless a cool product I would like to see more of.

  6. Just wanna offer a few thoughts as a developer who has used the Vive Wands, Oculus controllers, and the Index.

    First off, to address a lack of Thumbstick:

    I don't know first hand how these feel, but i remember long back, when the Valve Controllers came out, i was really hoping that they would make sure the pads were concave, not flat.
    My reasoning for this is that, having this kind of surface allows a user to feel resistance as well as your joints adjusting while the thumbs move towards the outside edges, while also having a way of innately knowing where your thumb lies on the surface without looking at them. These are 2 very important features for a joystick, its what makes them great.

    The place where joysticks failed, in my opinion, is that they have the inability to start from arbitrary positions. You generally need to move the joystick, from the center, to the position you want it to be, and swing around to other points. The movement is restricted to linear, whereas with a touchpad, you can take ur finger off one edge, and put it on another, with no issues.

    This is one thing a lot of people are seem to be missing about these controllers, they're not like the wands touchpads, which are flawed in so many ways (the size, the lack of grooves, or bumps, the lack of having a curved surface, so, lack of resistance).

    From what i see in the images, this controller has that concave design, AND has grooves that can offer even more tactility, and resistance to your thumb.

    These touchpads are leagues ahead of the wands, and the valve controllers.
    However.. I think they have one last thing to do, and that is, give very distinct grooves on each each cardinal side of this thumbpad. Make it indented much like the center, but the outskirts, so that i can FEEL where the square button is, i can FEEL where the circle is, which helps build confidence that both the players of my games, and myself as a developer, can make sure these places stay static. By no means abandon the touch design you have for the thumbsticks, but you can take a page from Braille and do your own spin, to give further information to a VR Headset blinded player.

    Next, the lack of Trigger:

    The trigger is essential. You could apply the same types of designs as i mentioned for the thumbstick, for the trigger, but, i still think this is by far the most important button on a controller like this.
    The grips can be understand through sensor fusion, and since you're most definitely gonna be holding the controller, when pressing the trigger buttons, you're not gonna have input conflict as some people have been suggesting. Think about it, you hold a gun, you're holding the controller, you squeeze your trigger finger, you shoot, you're not holding the controller, you're not holding the gun.

    The real issue here is that there looks to be a lack of feedback when doing analog gestures, VS pressing, and what i mean by that is, the haptic feedback you get from CLICKING a controller.
    I don't know what this feels like, the haptics could be quite compelling here, when i squeeze hard enough, it does a specific haptic right where my finger is, and when im not, it simply doesn't. That way i can be sure i clicked the gun, because the haptics have told me so. The satisfying CLICK of pressing the controller down, i think will be hard to replace, and i'm not sure how much resistance, or if the resistance becomes exponential as you squeeze the trigger, which would allow my hands to understand that i am nearing the end of the press, which is very spring-like, and very satisfying.

    It may be useful to groove the trigger fingers location to feel more like one, and maybe put in exponential resistance and a shorter physical cap, which will emulate the feeling of a trigger.

    The reason i am considering purchasing one of these is because i don't think the Valve Index controllers are as good as they could have been. The joystick placement feels awkward, trying to adjust to this controller is just annoying sometimes, to get ur hand to feel just right (it got better as i used it, so there's that.), but most of all, i didn't like that it had this process of putting them on you followed, rather than sliding them on, or holding a controller.

    My favourite of the controllers is the Oculus so far, it confirms to the hand so comfortably (for my hands at least), and i feel like i can depend on all the buttons, with the joystick feeling that it's in the comfortable place, rather than where the Index's are, which IMO, shouldn't feel like i need to contort my thumb just to rest on it. The scrolling wheel pill thing doesn't add enough to be worth the awkward placement of the joystick (which i can make more comfortable, but then the other buttons feel farther than they should. The oculus ones really remind of a gamecube controllers form, where in that design, they felt like they really made sure that each of the buttons could be comfortable, could be easy to press and all revolved around comfortable placement for the thumb (the C-stick however… let's not talk about that abomination lol).

    I think this has huge potential to be a staple, the tracking looks dependable, and i like that the material can measure how hard you're pressing every single finger, it seems way more dependable than the steam controller, which has one large surface that doesn't deform in anyway.

    The foam holding your fingers, with a bendy component is interesting, but i feel like i need to have a better grasp of what these controllers feel like to make further judgements, take it with a grain of salt, this is my initial critical impressions of the controller.

    The 3DOF is personally useless to me, 6DOF or nothing, which I understand is the whole point of this campaign, so no knocks against that. The 3DOF looks solid.

  7. Why don't they make them first then sell them? They get a loan to make them if they know they will be successful they should. I don't think paying that much for those are even worth it but good luck for those who payed. I will wait to see if they come out and how they compare with the Index but I still won't pay that much maybe $150 for them the highest.

  8. “Unbiased and honest reviews…” Come on! This is your second video on the Etee controllers and so far you’d done little actual demonstration and testing. What we’ve been shown instead is drawn out footage of you praising the product while plugging the kickstarter. Please put on those Vive trackers and test some VR games. How does the controllers feel after prolonged gaming sessions? Do you run into any limitations regarding the lack of buttons, triggers and joysticks? Do a actual review, man!

  9. I’m basing my view of VR devices on Half Life:Alyx now. The game works well on my old Vive, which surprised me, but needs better controllers. How would these function in HL:A?

  10. I've already backed them in early bird. Hope that the thumb-trackpads will do the same great job as the thumpsticks of Valve-Index and Oculus Touch to play Halfe-Life: Alyx and Onward! 😉

  11. This review is really lacking gameplay experiense and comparisons to other controllers. Should have used the Vive Trackers. They alter the balance point and quick 6DOF hand movement might cause those controllers to slip.

  12. They look cool, but imo they won't work well in games at all.
    Many, many games require button presses to do certain things, e.g jumping in Boneworks, thus the lack of those is worrying to say the least.
    I'd rather do something with a button press rather than make gestures to do it like a deaf man throwing gang signs


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