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Shadow Legend VR is a single player rpg that is impressive in many ways but also just as disappointing in others. Its a game that does deserve praise but certainly isn’t something for everyone.

Gameplay wise the speech recognition really adds a different sense of immersion that i hope well see more often in future VR titles, there are many interactions you can do off the bat but sadly seem to be one off things to do that really don’t benefit you in any way what so ever. The combat is just okay, it dosnt have the weight it needs to feel substantial and compared to other titles in VR it really feels lacking.

Content wise it offers a good amount of variety in environments that are beautiful to look at and offers a straight point a to point b narrative with a few choices of dialog in between. The entire game can be beat in around 4 hours more or less, it really depends on how you play and if your the type to explore for collectibles. The final boss fight is very disappointing which ultimately feels like a game of pong with the god of destruction.

Visuals are beautiful and immersion is certainly high. Weapons look amazing and powerful, the environments are very well detailed and open enough to explore around while not feeling overwhelming. The game ran fine on my rtx 2070 for reference.

Overall the Shadow Legend VR isnt a bad game and it does a lot of interesting things, its just disappointing that the combat felt lacking. It feels as if it tried to do more than it should have and made a lot of one off interactions that really aren’t meaningful. If you can look past the combat then what you have here is a pretty good game that I would say is priced well enough to recommend but it just feels like theres a lot of lost potential on what this game could of been.

If you have any questions feel free to ask ill do my best to answer them

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