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TZ Dives into a new realm of Horror! In todays review: I am reviewing FNAF Help Wanted in VR! The latest feature length review video of the channel. TZ talks about the first 3 games, the mini games, the DLC and the story that is present in the game.

Special Thanks to @SUPERZOMGBBQ for helping out with the Announcer Voice in todays video

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10 thoughts on “Five Nights at Freddys Help Wanted VR Review Video | TZKUnit Reviews”

  1. There’s something else. Apparently you can get a hidden mask in the game (Vanny’s Mask). Basically you have to get all the keys in the corn maze, once you do that, there is a secret key hidden in the maze. Once you have it go back to where you spawn and go to what looks like a bunker or a shed. Use the key get into the bunker, and you’ll have Vanny’s Mask

  2. Uploading late as hell I should be in bed!

    Ah fuck it. I like this game. What really solidify my likeliness to this game is seeing fnaf 1 2 and 3 animatronics move in the game instead of standing in place like its original counterparts


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