Demeo for Oculus Quest full Review, Rating and Gameplay! HeroQuest Boardgame in Virtual Reality.


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RPG fans, it’s time to unite… in VR!

Do you have the mettle to survive a monster-infested dungeon crawler that immerses players in the classic fantasy RPG genre like never before? Time to find out!

A dark force has taken over the underworld in Resolution Games’ Demeo, and it’s a world you’re not likely to survive alone. Terrors and treasure await as you and your band of warriors come together for a virtual game night to brave the corrupted catacombs and delve into this truly authentic tabletop experience.

Up to four players assume the role of eagle-eyed hunter, mystical sorcerer, deadly assassin or protective guardian. But choose your champions wisely in this cooperative adventure, for once you have ventured into the Elven Necropolis, players must work together to vanquish the unholy armies of The Mad Elven King and set him free… or die trying.

Demeo has an extensive content map planned to ensure adventurers have a steady supply of treasure and glory.


Intro: 0:00
Review: 2:33
Summary and Rating: 6:57
Outro: 7:54

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8 thoughts on “Demeo for Oculus Quest full Review, Rating and Gameplay! HeroQuest Boardgame in Virtual Reality.”

  1. As a fan of Hero Quest and Descent, I bought this game to play with friends and we tried it yesterday night. It was super cool until the host (who had the key of the dungeon) lost his internet connection and we lost the key! It just disappeared from the game entirely and we couldn't continue the quest… It's a known bug… Also, one thing to note is that when you spend that much time looking down at the table, your neck will kill you. So I highly suggest you tilt the table using the sticks. 😉 And yea I hope they add the feature where you can rotate the table using the sticks. I'm really not a fan of using my hands constantly to move around like a chimp.


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