Zero Caliber: Reloaded | Oculus Quest Review


We review Zero Caliber: Reloaded on Quest!

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37 thoughts on “Zero Caliber: Reloaded | Oculus Quest Review”

  1. Again the problem is the Quest 1 is letting down the Quest 2. They basically have to make this game run on Q1, meaning that the extra power and graphics on the quest 2 are NOWHERE to be seen! Having to make games run on Q1 is killing the what the QUEST 2 Can do, so it basically comes to the developers if they feel like updating the graphics specificaly for the Quest 2, which rarely happens coz they become lazy. They release a port that runs on the quest 1 and leave it at that.. so what's the point of purchasing a Quest 2 I'd we will never see what it can do, unless maybe we get a Q2 specific game like the resident evil game coming out? Again Quest 1 is killing the quest 2….. at this point, no reason to update to a quest 2 since the game looks IDENTICAL on both systems

  2. Seriously why not remake older games for vr? Brothers in arms, call of duty 1 maybe 2, unreal, soldier of fortune, darkest of days and medal of honor, these are all really low spec games that the quest should be able to handle right? It can handle doom 3 and resident evil 4 too apparently. Why?!???!?!?!? It's seems like such an easy cash grab as i'm sure all people will enjoy these games revisioned for vr

  3. Y’all are the most honest reviewers in VR. Big Respect. I think there isn’t an actual best FPS on the quest atm, but I think onward and zero caliber can be very good. I like FPS’s with open maps n stuff. Just gives more immersion. (would love to be entered for the giveaway)

  4. I would like to see Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis brought to the Quest. It had a very realistic feel being there in large areas to battle with the use of weapons and vehicles, and VR would only make that feel even better. The game came out many years ago when CPUs were less powerful, and maybe the game is simple enough to be ported to Quest VR.

  5. I wanna see a new original game that has a really good campaign someday. Just a matter of time but I’d have to play to review this game. Other than that great vid 👍

  6. I don’t know about milsim but titanfall (1, or parts of 2) would be awesome. The fast paced running mechanics would work fine and as long as the titan falling isn’t a change of view ( maybe instead you look up to seee it crash on you) that’s be great. Plus the climbing on other Titans to beat em up. Love it.

  7. I don't understand why all other multilayer fps on quest pale into comparison compared to the quality of population one. It's graphics are great and polished. It's mechanics work seamlessly. It performs well with minimal bugs. Not sure why others haven't been able to match it.

  8. I think it would be interesting to see CoD or battlefield in vr due to the fact that thanks to a bigger budget maybe we'll get something better than a medal of honor

  9. SniperElite is already coming, but I think it'll be a great addition to VR. VR works well for slower-paced action, which is what sitting and waiting for the perfect shot is!


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