DEMEO Gameplay First Reaction And Review [ WORTH THE PRICE?? ]


Demeo gameplay and first reactions from someone who’s never played a board game (me) compared to Tony from VR Reviews who’s owned every one of them!

I joined forces with Tony from the VR Reviews and Resolution games to bring you gameplay footage of DEMEO. Was it fun? Is it worth the price Demeo is asking?

We’ll find out in today’s video!

After this, check out Tony’s review of Demeo right here!


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24 thoughts on “DEMEO Gameplay First Reaction And Review [ WORTH THE PRICE?? ]”

  1. 5:14 Getting thumper on the oculus quest has been on the back of my mind for a while, as it was free on playstation. However, I have never quite been motivated enough to buy it.

  2. 5:14 Asgard's Wrath. I was thinking about listing Demeo in this comment, but I'll stick to Asgard's Wrath, maybe if I somehow get it I'll change my pick for Demeo 😀
    I love D&D, and would get this game immediately if I had someone to play with :c Looks real fun to play with homies

  3. 5:14 Robo recall, Demeo is not my style of game either, but it does look interesting. I'll wait to see how it develops over time.
    Wanted to thank you for the last video. Was sooo happy to install sidequest & look forward to exploring it more next weekend. Was also impressed that it works well with my imac. Still going to have to go down the PC route eventually for games like Asgards wrath ect..
    As always keep up the great material. I'm sure your show veiewer numbers is going to explode!!


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